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it's alright, not great. track @ 70.00 is laughably bad. those gay laser sounds? what the fuck?


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Greg Benz is one of my favourites and all of his mixes are quality. He's one of the few DJ's out there that haven't deviated from the proper prog sound. However, I do agree this is one of his weaker mixes though.


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even a weak greg benz set is a nice change from the 'minimal techy electro house' that everyone on earth is into these days :p


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i got no time for the fucking sub genres, just play progressive house....half the time i got no idea who is spinning what now cause they are the new superstar dj for the progressive glitchy minimal jangle dub downtempo breakbeat scene???


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Sweet set!!!

Benz is one of my favorite dj's, mainly for the fact that he hasn't gone the direction of most prog dj's playing electro... this set was very refreshing to hear!

Good job Greg!

Now if only a promoter would book Greg Benz and Harry Lemon to play sometime soon in Toronto, that would be wicked!