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Greg Palast and his book, Armed Madhouse


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This is a must buy book guys. Greg Palast is a world renouned reporter for the BBC. He is an American reporter who had to leave America, because they would not let him report the truth, because it was too controversial, in these lame times. Even though the guy has all the facts, and amazing sources and documents. The book debuted number 8 on Amazon, which is amazing, for a book nobody knows about. Just under that steaming pile of crap by Ann Coulter.

In the book, Palast proves that gas prices are being kept high by Bush himself. Palast proves that the election of 2000, 2004 was stolen, and that the next one may be as well. He shows the secret documents that he found. Pretty amazing stuff. He talks about how the war in Iraq was about oil afterall, and he has the documents to prove it.

This book will blow a lid off the Bush White House, once and for all. A must for any American--or Canadian..lol

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Even tho there is a chance they will agree with this guy- i felt like posting this in here.