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Greg Benz


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I actually had a chance to see the video footage from Poland yesterday.
Not only did Greg kill it, but the entire club erupted EVERYTIME he did anything. Every mix, every breakdown, every time he took the bass out. The crowd LOVED it! The club was rammed.

Seeing how they are over there makes me wish it could be like that here again. Everyone is dancing, having a great time, for the WHOLE set.
Anyways Marco and Greg are two very talented and great guys. Greg is a stellar dj and the tracks the two of them definetly have thier own sound and are pushing the future sound of the music.

See all the TO promotors are going pay big time for never booking him now. I can't believe a dj of this skill and recognition HARDLY gets booked in Toronto. The guy is making a mark in music around the globe. WAKE UP!!!
IMO it makes TO look bad for not supporting or trying to support the DJs and artists that are making an impact.

Greg and Marco are going big places in this music scene, and I wish them all the best.




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Originally posted by outofcontrol
IMO it makes TO look bad for not supporting or trying to support the DJs and artists that are making an impact.

Greg's not English/Dutch/German enough.

How typically Canadian not to support our own until they've already made and then proclaim how happy we are that they're Canadian.

Crock. Of. Shit.

I can't count the number of times I've seen a local upstage the headliner but all people can rave on about is the superstar DJ they paid stupid amounts of money to see play subpar records.


So Lo

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Just realized Greg posted the set in the DJmixes forum. Blame it on the noob disease thats going around.

Mz. SPy

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the real question is, i can't find that set anywhere, can someone help me at least with the name of the club or whatever?


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go to the greg benz website he has some sets hosted there.

personally I think greg benz is alright.. more techno included into the prog. sets please. He does spin a very canadian style of progressive, which is very banging and upfront. Max Graham does that too and so Brad Copeland seems to have a similar style.
what is the recent chart of greg benz?

Greg Benz

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Hey guys...

Really looking forward to coming down and playing at Boa :)

Here's my latest chart by the way....


(Aurium Recordings, Armada, Lost Language, Release Records, Hope Recordings, Silver Planet, Dorigen Music, Inversus Records, Basic Beat, Nascent Recordings, Baroque Records, Fracas Recordings)

www.gregbenz.com € www.benzandmd.com € www.auriumrecordings.com

01. Benz & MD - Spiagia / Tainted - Baroque Recordings
02. Santiago Nino - Beleive[Orig & Max Graham Remix] - Aurium Recordings CDR
03. Yilmaz Altanhan - Eighties[Orig & Ozgur Can Remix] - Anjuna Beats CDR
04. Yellow Blackbird - Superfly[Andy Moor Remix] - Sog Chrome
05. B.I.G - A Promise[Dousk Remix] - Klik Records
06. Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time[Max Graham Remix] - CDR
07. Audioholics - External Key[Perry O Neil Remix] - Armada CDR
08. U & K - Undertones - CDR
09. Junktion - Shine - CDR
10. Roccomundo & ONNO - The DJ Took Pills - Little Mountain CDR
11. Luke Fair - Digital / Generations - Precinct CDR
12. Piece Process - New Driver - Shine Music
13. Duskie J - Electrochurch - Boz Boz
14. Niki B & Christian EFFE - Eyes[Dub] - Swift Records
15. Dj Leo - 2gether[Alex Stealthy rmx] - Sog Liquid
16. Stef Vrelijk & 16 Bit Lolita's - Out There / Speakerbox People - Sadie Records CDR
17. Delikate Imposters - Burlesque & Sleepless City - Aurium Recordings
18. Cassino & Laben - Leaving Panic Behind[Flash Bros Remix] - CDR
19. Sycophant Slags - Digital Love - Sex On Wax CDR
20. Fred Numf vs Etienne Overdijk - Hear an Echo[dub] - CDR
21. Danny Sullivan & Kemist - Wicked / Digits - Low Pressings
22. Darren Emerson - H20 050 EP - Underwater CDR
23. Jerry Bonham - Sequence[Orig] - Looq Recordings
24. Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan - Simplicity - Vapour Recordings
25. Dan Sampson & Jhereal - One More Dance[Danny Howells Edit] - Alternative Route


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Originally posted by BarneyIllfingas
the night's bringing in Chris & Kai and Greg Benz, that's all the sell you need (imo).

Honestly I meant it to be a lighthearted jab, wasn't trying to insult. I really am serious when I say that.

But back to the night, should be a great event. Disappointed that I'm not in town to be part of it. Jon will hold things down nicely though.