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Greg Benz on Kiss 100FM


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I am please to announce that tommorrow night, Friday April 25th, Londons own GREG BENZ will be gracing the airwaves alongside John Digweed.

Greg will be appearing on Johns KISS 100 FM show tommorrow night from 7-9pm (our time) for a coveted guest djing slot.

So while all you people are getting ready to go out tommorrow night, tune in here Kiss FM and click the "Listen Live" tab on the top left corner of the page.

Greg will be the 4th Canadian Dj to appear on Digweeds show. Max Graham, Mistress Barbara and Luke Fair have also had the honour.

So enjoy the beats and support some great Canadian talent.

congrats Greg


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5th actually...XL was on there too a while ago...;)

i hope greg's put a lot of his new production work on there....his new shit is just sick...
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track list

Heres the track listing...

1. Benz & MD vs Ebrius / Schonesoleil / CDR
2. Starkid / Crayons / Release Records
3. Matthew Dekay / Beautiful Monday / Deep Records
4. Echomen / Perpetual(retrofuturedub) / Saw Recording
5. Chris Domingo / One Sound(thomas penton mix) / Teknology
6. Cirque Music Vol 3 / You & Me(dub Mix) / Cirque
7. CRW / Like A Cat(rmx) / Audioplast
8. Sattva / Echo Of Silence(way out west mix) / Xplosion
9. Grayarea / One For The Road(gabriel & dresden mix) / Hope Recordings

Michael @ Release.

Greg Benz

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Thanks guys!! I'm really pumped about doing the show, hopefully everyone enjoy's the mix :)

I'll throw it up on my site in a couple days so anyone that wants a good quality MP3 of it can download it...

Cheers and thanks for all the kind words :)

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i bought a greg benz tape a about 2 years ago on a whim off triple decks.
took it with me to the caribean island of Anguila...along with many other tapes. but i must have listened to that tape at least 20 times through over the week. looking out acrosss the ocean from our veranda. watching sharks and other fish swim in the bay down below. drinking guiness or wine. sunsets. sunrises. sex. whatever...that tape worked so well with that vacation.

and i only found out greg was a local about 6 months ago.
and i was never a prog fan before that tape either.

so I'm really happy to hear the good news. and he we don't even know each other.

congrats again.

Greg Benz

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Thanks again for the support everyone :)

If anyone is interested in an MP3 of the mix, I've uploaded it to my website and it can be downloaded in the Audio Section of my site....



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Greg Benz

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A few people emailed me and told me they weren't getting the Kiss 100 set when downloading from my site. I've sorted it out so anyone who tried and couldn't get it to work, please try again :)




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Greg, just got a hold of the mix! It's off the hook...congrats on this man. And like others have mentioned, you definitely deserve this.
Good luck with everything.



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the more i listen to this...the more i like it....

beautiful flow. nice layering.

kudos to benz.

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