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Green Velvet + Hot Since 82 @ Electric Island? Where do I sign up?


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WOW! I am so impressed with these 2 acts being on the same bill for what is sure to be an amazing day in the sun! August 5th is looking to be a fabulous holiday .. :)


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Missed Hot Since 82 when he was here @ FW earlier this year, so I was excited to see he was added to the bill.

Along with Green Velvet, Soul Clap and a great cast of locals (Dirty Dale!), this should make for another stellar long weekend island jam.


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Soul Clap rocked Old Miami at DEMF this year. Combined with some nice weather on the island, this one is a can't miss.
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I was out there yesterday pottering around the site, looking at the sound setup and staging. It looks awesome! This going to be excellent and I will be there for sure.