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Green Velvet (Cajmere) @ System

Prickly Pete

TRIBE Member
Yikes... Went there expecting a DJ from Chicago to spin house...


Got some dirty techno and electro... and to some it up in two words:

Fucking Sweet!

That is all for now.

Go Harvard :)
brrr...it's cold

Got there @ 11:30ish to here Stretch 'n Hooker (well one 'of em) drop some bumpin house, then at 12 they changed it up and started droppin' some bangin' electro tinged house to lead up to GV. People loved it.

I had two people ask me..."Who is this spinning right now??? - He's awesome!!!" -holy wtf man- Geez, you would think that everyone knew Stretch 'n Hooker by now the way you read everyone using their first/last.

Then Curtis Jones aka Cajmere came on @ 1:30. Well, it was Cajmere until about 3 tracks in. Then you could hear him pull the pitch down to about +4, and on came the techno. Some of it was jackin' and funky like dj Rush, but the straight instrumental alien invasion sounding stuff would lose the crowd. Someone should have told him he's not in Europe and could have gotten away with house.

At 3 (I just checked my watch) he dropped DK - Murder was the Bass, his GV - The Red Light , then a wicked Pontapé remix! Or was he layering his own track on top? I couldn't tell, sounded like a remix...either way those three tracks put me into overdrive for the next 20 mins or so.

So much so that 2 people asked me for something that sounds like my real name....then another guy asked me for some of the "dance medicine" I was taking lol. (Yep, my name sounds like dance medicine :) ) There was a friendly English girl too. But she didn't like my soccer shirt, because it wasn't her team. After I told her I got it from the thrift store and didn't care about soccer she punched me in the gut.

Then GV ended the night with a live vocal rendition of La La Land, and played his favourite closing track 'The Percolator". @ around 4:30.

The renos System is doing are great IMO. I like how you can actually see the dj, and trainspot him, watch his technique, this is great for up and comer djs who wanna study. Except for the cold air that was blasting right into GV's face. I was freezing and had my arms crossed trying to watch him. He put on his toque and jacket. Ins and outs at the coat check should be allowed if the dj is wearing a toque...Is the front space gonna be a smaller bar for smaller events? They should put a small screen across from the seating area....

The troll in the back room is still there. They should donate that thing to the zoo. Or give it to the Mickey D's at Queen/Spadina...Sketch Play Land. Or drop it off infront of OCAD.
Wow that was a fun night out. Got in around 1:30 and was pleasently suprised to hear Trisco's Muzak. Thought it was supposed to be some Chicago house, but hey, this was better.

Music was banging all night long. Awesome night.
I can't believe there are only two responses to this!!

Green Velvet killed me! My legs were sooo hurt after this night. I have never seen a dj so focused on his music. The mixing was of course perfect as a result. The guy only looked up from his deck once every 15 minutes (yes I'm exaggerating) to cast a shy smile onto the crowd. Incredible set! except for the part where the mic wasn't turned on and we had to listen to 5 minutes of the opening beats to LaLa Land before he could perform his live rendition. I didn't mind, but it definately was the oddest part of the night.

So many people told me he was a bad technical dj before this event. Completely untrue.

Did anyone get any pics from this??
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