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Great Techno Skid Tunes 4 Sale$$$$$


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Hello everyone,

Yes it is that time that Jezbone is going to get rid of some of his old gems.
4 crates of some of the most well respected Acid and techno labels in the biz.

I will have a $5 crate with will included: SUF, Hydro, primate, zync, Havok, Tortured, No entry, Antidote etc.

I will have a $10 of Classic label crate : White labels, Bionic orange, Smitten, Infected, Routemaster etc. etc.

I will also have a private stash for $20 a pop "HARD 2 GET TECHNO": special records that I know nobody has and you will have a very hard time getting.

All Punk records $5- Ramones, D.R.I.,Exploited, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Corrosion of Conformity, etc..etc..wicked old punk lps

and a mixed bin $5: hip-hop, trance, house, techno etc good records aswell.

Last but not least and bin that you would find at a skids place$2:
70's tunes, new order, 80' cheezy 90's, MC hammer shit. lol

This is going to be worth anyones time to take a look and is a first come first serve attitude, not enough space and plus it is time to help any insipired dj with a new crate.

email me at: bryanjesney@hotmail.com

If you ask me to send you a list it is not going to happen, too old and too many records. Trust me and Come and see for yourself