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great documentaries


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i recently wactched

wal-mart: the high price of low cost
fog of war

i want more of these.
i would love to get more that make you cry happy tears; like spellbound



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i realized there was probably gonna be another documentary thread....but i specifically wanted to focus in on ones that are happy and document the best parts of humanity, not the worst.

i suspect there are 1,000 depressing documentaries for every inpsiring one.
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Booty Bits

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if you want tearjerking sweetness, watch Paperclips.
you'd probably also like Mad Hot Ballroom if you liked Spellbound.


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when i was home at my parents place this past week, i watched a show called EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION.

it was so good.

it showed a community come together and build a healthier house for a family with a sick daughter (4 heart surgeries and only 12 years old....needed cleaner air to survive.)

anyway....it was great what they did for that family.
i wanna see more of that kind of stuff.


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Riding Giants, All Aboard The Crazy Train, Step Into Liquid.

All surf documentaries. All great, some touch on the spiritual side at times. Good Surfing, Good Times, and most of the time it's good music to boot.

Riding Giants is the most "fun" and my favorite of the three. All Aboard The Crazy Train is shorter (40 mins or so) and has potential to bum you out at parts. It's also only filled at Peahi (aka Jaws). Step Into Liquid is good, but loses my interest at certain parts.
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jus me

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there's this series by the director of supersize me, it's called 30 days. 30 days in the life of someone else.

i just watched the first disc on minimum wage, anti aging and muslims in america. it's got a bit of humour innit. although the minimum wage one is quite depressing.

terrawrist III

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taking of Patty Hearst
all the Nick Bloomfield docs( weurnos, kurt/courtney, biggie/tupac)
Jandek on Corwood
badassssss cinema( blaxploitation doc)
Kill your Idols( amazing NO WAVE post punk doc)
the Nomi song
the weather underground
this kid stays in the picture
night and fog
made in sheffield
in the realms of the unreal

all docs. that still really stick out in my mind

Dr Trance

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I particularly liked "James, Brother of Jesus", "Japan and The Atomic Bomb" and "There's Something About Mary Magdalene."

I thought the narrator of those three docs was particularly good...

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Watched J.R Bob Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius (2019) last night. Really enjoyed it. I was vaguelly familiar with the pipe-smoking Bob Dobbs but now understand the religion much better.