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Toronto Sun

Thu, December 4, 2003

Senior wanted sex with horses


A 73-year-old man with a horse "fetish" admitted yesterday that he stalked a stud farmer at the Royal Winter Fair in disguise. It's the same woman who Leonard Gillard harassed in the past after a failed bid to gain access to her studs for sex, said prosecutor Marg Brown.

Brown told court that Gillard was corralled by cops at the fair while reading literature on horse and cattle breeding.

Gillard, of Kitchener, pleaded guilty to charges of criminal harassment and breach of probation.

Justice Peter Hryn hasn't decided whether to saddle Gillard with more jail time and reserved sentencing until tomorrow.

He ordered Gillard to appear in the mental health court on that day.


Brown said Gillard had had contact with the victim, who owns a farm north of Toronto, since 2000, when he sent her letters regarding the purchase of a Clydesdale stud horse. The woman did not respond.

"These letters proved to be a ruse for the accused to gain access to the studs in order to engage in sexual activity with the horses," said Brown.

Gillard was convicted by a Belleville judge of criminally harassing the woman and of using the mail for obscene materials.

He was ordered to steer clear of the woman and to stay away from barnyards, horses and fairs.

Despite the court orders, Gillard went to the fair on Nov. 8 and lurked around the very stalls where the victim was displaying her studs.

Brown recognized him and called police.

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