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Grandparent: Whack my grandkids!


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cnn has news?

TAVARES, Florida (AP) -- A couple tried to hire a hit man to kill their three grandchildren and daughter-in-law to stop them from testifying against their son in his rape trial, authorities said.

The couple, ages 60 and 59, were charged with four counts each of criminal conspiracy to commit murder. They were being held without bond.

Police said the pair initially offered $100 to an undercover sheriff's deputy to kill their son's wife, their 10-year-old granddaughter, two step-grandchildren, ages 14 and 16, and the family dog.

More money was promised after the killings, said Lake County sheriff's Sgt. Christie Mysinger.

The couple's 31-year-old son has been jailed since November on 22 charges of sexual battery on a child, lewd and lascivious molestation and showing obscene material to a minor, court records show.

Detectives say his daughter and stepdaughter are the victims. The Associated Press has withheld the names of the grandparents and the family members to protect the children's identities.

The man tried to solicit a fellow jail inmate to kill his family, the arrest report said.

An informant told detectives about the plot and they arranged to meet the man's parents Tuesday at a Best Western motel in Tavares, a lakefront community about 30 miles northwest of Orlando, police said.

"(The deputy) said, 'You want me to kill everyone, including the dog?' They agreed," Mysinger said.

The son's attorney, Peter Sartes, said he had no details on the parents' arrest. It was not clear who was representing them.


a hundred bucks to kill four people and a dog? in my day, we use to get 3 hits for a twenty and, by gum, they counted!

why kill the dog? how can the family dog implicate their son in a rape?

people confuse me so much!


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i know blood is thicker than water, but their son is a rapist piece of shit.
his parents should be the first ones to put him out of his misery, not help him.


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HouseHeadSacha said:
i know blood is thicker than water, but their son is a rapist piece of shit.

psst, grandskids are blood relatvies of their grand parents.

you should alter your phrasing to full blood is thicker than half blood.
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yeah, youre right. (well, only one grandkid is blood) too many twisted people on this planet.
seriously, how could they live with themselves if it went through?
"we killed our daughter in law, our grandkid(s) and their dog, but our rapist/paedophile of a son is a free man!"