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Grandizer Punch!!!!

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Originally posted by exrboy

Who dat?
Danguard Ace

The show as called Force Five casue there were 5 different shows.

UFO Robot Grandizer
Danguard Ace

I loves these programs and can tell you a lot about them.

My favorite toy I own:



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Shute IN!!!!!!!!
Grandizer GO!!!!!!!

Screw Crusher Punch!!
Spin Drills!
Hydro Phazers!!
Double Sicle!!
Rainbow Wave!!


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I still love shouting that kind of stuff when I'm punching a friend or something.

So much more retro-cool then "Haddoken" :rolleyes:

I was actually wondering the other day if Tribe's Astroboy's hair is like Astroboy's...
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