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Grand Theft Auto V-ive

[- FuNKtiOn -]

TRIBE Member
They also added the heist modes for online play somewhat recently.
It had been a couple months since playing, but the last couple weekends I've spent deeply immersed in these new missions. The only thing that kills me is the waiting time as you can't start heists with less than 4 people, and if someone leaves you have to start again.
I've got to admit that I'm very jealous of the film editor on the PC version. I've had a few chases/missions that are cinema worthy.

As for the heists - they're excellent if you've got 3 other players that you trust and count on.

If you join a random heist, odds are you're going to get some cheapskate fuck that will give 85% of the money for himself and 5% to everyone else (and the guy will naturally take the easiest, least riskiest part of the heist). Getting a random person that doles out the money evenly and can justify the differences is pretty rare.
This is my main complaint for most multiplayer online games. People being dicks.
There is an upside - when they pull that kind of shit you can drop out of the heist.

One guy started sending me hate mail and got kicked off the PSN network because I wouldn't do the jailbreak heist for a 15% cut. Kept bitching about how he was saving for a $1 million car that he wanted and no one was helping him get it.