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Grand Theft Auto V-ive


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I like the return to the California location. My biggest complaint about IV was the flat nature of New York's landscape. Made for boring driving.

I was really hoping though they would have branched out and done a location outside the US.


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New Grand Theft Auto V trailer: Going back to Cali | CanadianBusiness.com

Gaming geeks get ready— it looks like Rockstar Games has brought its infamous Grand Theft Auto series back to the West coast, site of the series' best-selling game GTA: San Andreas.

This first trailer for GTA: V was released November 2nd at noon. Some have hypothesized it will mark the return of the Ray Liotta-voiced protagonist Tommy Vercetti from Vice City, but it's so far unclear. Regardless, the game's release will surely start another round of chatter around the influence of the GTA series on both video games and those that play them.

Some call it ultra-violent garbage, while others point to it as a growing art form, like film. Rockstar Games' Dan Houser, one of the writers behind GTA: III, told Gamespot in October, "It's still a young, young medium. I don't think in 1925 or 1930, or whenever movies were the equivalent age to where games are now, people were taking movies anywhere near as seriously to where people are taking games right now. You can't expect games to have the same cultural cachet as an established medium because that's not how things work." But like heavy metal or Dungeons & Dragons in the '80s, its cavalier attitude toward crime and violence has also been blamed for corrupting teens.

This latest trailer comes just a couple weeks after the 10th anniversary of GTA: III, thought by many to be a watershed moment where video games began to be seen as a serious form of adult entertainment that could also rake in millions of dollars. So far, the series has shipped more than 114 million units. And by the looks of GTA: V so far, they're about to beat that total with a baseball bat or crowbar or ... you get the idea.


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One of my facebook friends is a Dev at Rockstar, he posted another video that I can't post here but it looks like just more of the same but "IIIIIINNNNN HHHHHHHDDDDDD".

Big whoop d'ya wanna fight about it?
I was really hoping though they would have branched out and done a location outside the US.
I wouldn't mind that, it'd be interesting to see their take on a setting somewhere else like Paris, Toyko, Hong Kong or somewhere else. But that could risk alienating their American audience.

Still it'll be nice to visit San Andreas again - hopefully without the overwhelming side missions and tasks that the last San Andreas game had.


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Some interesting things people have picked up on in the trailer:

There appears to be dogs now. Police dogs too maybe?

There is a blimp.

All sorts of planes like the crop duster and an F-18.

The highway signs seem to suggest the game map will stretch to the Mexican border.

It looks like you might play several different characters during the game.

sheik rock

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I don't think they could really do a game outside of the US, as hte entire game is based on ridiculing and examining American culture. There isn't another culture that Americans know well enough to have fun playing in, but everyone knows US culture.

I really wish they would just do future GTA already. Flying cars!


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Bring back being able to shoot gas tank covers to blow up cars, dammit. That was so useful, and fun.

Crouching on a hill sniping cars on the highway below. One shot, BOOM