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Grand Opening of Product

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I think this club has LOTS of potential.. all it needs is more promotion so that more people know about it.. and then more people will show up!

I liked the layout downstairs... liked the different levels surrounding the dancefloor.. I loved the strips of lights on the dancefloor.. sweet.. and I just had to bust a move on that stuff! Nice high sealings... very chill.

upstairs... kinda scared me at first, it's so dungeony and the red lights freak me out.. but hay, it could be just me! But after a while the tunes got to me... and I warmed up
the jungle room isn't bad.. i just have some psychological reaction to red lighting..

Sniper n Mystical layed down good sets, (no mc's-yes yes) but I was really into Lush's set.. it was sooooo wicked! I left around 2 which sucks shit cuz Lush was rippin it up!!! That Roni sample and that RnB girly vocal track made me cum!!

Big up Lush

I just want to say Digital could be a really wicked jam if we all turn out to support.

I'll be there again soon... CHECK IT OUT PARTY MASSIVE!!!

respect to Product


PS~ Get your liquor liscence figured out for heavens sake!!

Nebu kad

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Very nice club,which actually does look renovated, unlike other promoters who say that a club was fully renovated when really all they did was wash the floors. The decor is nice, i like the candles and what not. good sound up and down. Also, it's a huge venue, it must be close in capacity to Turbo. Lots more promotion needed though, cause I only found out about it a week ago, which is pretty short notice. Lots of potential.

ps. thanks to christine who got us in despite the fact that her guest list was thrown out.


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Two words...

Liquor License!!

Unfortunately I was only there for a total of 60 seconds since there was no booze being sold. What's with this place and liquor licenses? Anyhow, I will return when management gets their act together and gets some booze in that joint.


ecstasy riot

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no liquor...hmm..well no liquor would lead to drugs or people leaving at 1am..to get last call at other places.. yes?

well i would when i turn 19.

altho this club does sound really cool.
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HYPE to check 'dis club.Soon as it gets a BAR,i'm there.LUV the fact it's locals only,too,
Peace,luv & Breakz4evah!!!


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hey! hey! hey! everybody!
remember me!!! well even if you don't! i'm ira thats my name! and i've seen Alex-D at "DIGITAL" well "X-it" it will always be "X-it" to me and to many of friends who partys there every friday. well and saturdays I'm sure, i hope are gonna pick up! cause it is trully wiked place to party at! as long as i know liqur will be served soon, hopefully this friday or saturday! and even if not who cares you still can have fun with out it!!!!!!!!!!

this club rules on fridays (hope it will rule on saturdays too!!) me, personaly every friday there can't miss it, and all of the people who work there are like "family" in a weird kind way.
well anyway who haven't been there yet you should chek it out!!! great place to party!!!

hope to see you there!!!

P.S. hey Alex-D it was a real pleasure to meet you finaly!!! hope you did have fun, and that you will be back!!!

see ya later! at "X-it" ....... oh damn!! "DIGITAL" (can't get used to the new name!)


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Product Saturdays have been postponed until Digital is finished and has a liquor license.

Unless something has changed in the past two days.