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Grammy Awards


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In true U2 fashion....Congrats to the boys for collecting 4 hardware pieces.

The U2_GTA @ yahoogroups.com (Greater Toronto Area) met last night to watch the Grammys as a collective unit!

I met several wonderful GTA folks. We watched...we applauded....we had lots of fun. It was great putting faces to all of the names that post on a different board.

The cover band "ELEVATION" was tight. Great sound and energy. I only wish U2 won Album of the Year....but.....O well......"O BROTHER". That was the only award I really cared about.

Got home late and popped in the bootleg video of Hamilton that I won in a raffle there. I can see me and my sign in the video *yea*!

I love this band even more now......after last night!

-Fuck that dude who went on and on about piracy and the downloading of music.
-Wassup with Pink? Did she look meaty or what....and what was with the Bladerunner makeup
-Can Jamie Foxx and Ja Rule be any more ghetto?
-Go Nelly F
-mumble, mumble, Bob Dylan, mumble, mumble
-'Nsynch and Nelly? WTF?

Anyone else watch or have comments?

"I'm a man.....
I'm not a child.....
A man.....
Who sees.....
The shadows behind...
Your eyes......"
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T.V. sucks.. although, sometimes it's surprisingly novel.

I didn't know the grammies were on last night..

who won best picture? ;)
I watched part of them..
Other than the musical acts I thought the rest was pretty boring. I can't believe they put N'Sync and Nelly together hehe ;)

oh..and I really liked what Alicia Keyes did to her eyes with the sparkly stuff..I got to see it enough with all the Grammy's that she won ;)
^^^really cri? I hated her eye makeup - i thought it looked really bad?

I missed the Grammies - but caught some hightlights this morning.
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Mary J's performance was pretty cool. Other then that the whole thing basically sucked. I wished that bands like U2 and Dave Matthews could do longer sets and not so mainstream stuff but I guess it is a TV award show for a reason they have to keep it short and they have to cater to the masses.
Originally posted by *labRat*
walter ostanek didn't win best polka album.

grammies suxors. with a capital 5.

Oh man! Did that fucking Jimmy Sturr win it again? He isn't even REAL Polka.
I thought this was a thread about Grannies. Don't mind me, I just woke up.

I just caught some clips of it on CNN. What was that Alicia Keys was wearing - a shower curtain?
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The show was more or less what I expected. Some really good performances, lots of really bad outfits. Why do people who have so much money and fashion opportunity dress so awful? I don't get it. And why do people chew gum on camera, especially at a "formal" event. Proves again that all the money in the world cannot buy class!

I thought Mary J. Blige had the best performance (the lady is top in her genre imo), with Nelly F's performance., surprisingly, right up there after her. She looked and sounded so nice, she made me proud she's Canadian.

I also thought it was a bit rude cutting off the acceptance speeches after what seemed to be no more than 30 seconds with that insulting music. I understand they need to keep the show rolling, but they should give the winners at least a 1 and 1/2 minutes to say "thanks" and cut out some of the other crap they dish out in the 3 and 1/2 hours of the show.

Bring on the Oscars......