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Grab some leftovers before they go stale


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leftover (AKA Archived) set from Tuesday's show. It seems to have been the most liked of em all so far so I'm posting it for others who haven't figured out the intricacies of Soulseek yet.


Maurizio " M5 " Maurizio
Maurizio " M5 " Maurizio
Unknown " Untitled " Schatrax
Jake Mandell " Enchanted Philter " Force Inc
Sutekh " Boulez' Toes " Soul Jazz
Neil Landstrumm " Boost Controller " Peacefrog
T. Raumschmiere " Untitled " Kompakt
S-max & Fym " 2000: A Sikkim Odyssey " 7th City
Demon " Lil Fuck " Unknown
Mathias Schaffauser " Musik Ohne Bass (Decompressed Subsonic Mix) " Force Inc
Narcotic Syntax " Ultra Volta " Perlon
Wolfgang Voight " Loikum 1 " Auftrieb
Christian Morgenstern " Steigreider (Alter Ego mix) " Forte
Neil Landstrumm " Sniff And Destroy " Peacefrog
Paul Birken " Krosskutt " Don't
Sven Vath " Dein Schweiss " Virgin
Dj ESP " Body Language " Primevil
Eddie Richards " Eightone 8 " Visitor
Ibrahim Alfa " Take What Is Yours " Force Inc.
Steve Stasis " Zebra " Product
Soul Controller " Seepage " Deep Fried
Jabber Jaw " I Speak For Some OF That " Perlon
Tomas Jirku " Sequin 3 " Force Inc.
Safety Scissors " Untitled " Delay
John Thomas " Talking Machine (DBX & Cabanne Mix) " Logistic
Ricardo Villalobos " Fussmulch " Perlon
Ectomorph " Only In The Shadows " Interdimensional Transmissions
Miss DInky " Kill The Bass Kick " Carpark
Maurizio "Phyllyps Trak 2 " Basic Channel
Losoul " Lies (Herberts Mix) " Playhouse
Stewart Walker " Stutter Shudder " Matrix
Polarious " Fly The Chopper " Bunker (dug this out for destro -note the maxed gain like i mentioned)

diggity download

plenty more where it came from if you dig it. if you don't dig it you can cuss me out, it wont hurt my feelings.


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Originally posted by terrawrist III
ANYTHING that starts off with classic Maurizio is a keeper...downloading now:)

the basic channel is further down the tracklisting ;)
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track starting on the 35th minute. fucking CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! when 36:00 hits... I fucking lose it. RARRR!

so dirty. UNGH! *thrusts hips*

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Christian Morgenstern "Steigreider (Alter Ego Mix)" Forte

on the Re:Death before Disco dbl pack

excellent comp of mixes