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gow oskan martin

Destro Sanchez

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I feel like a retard (sorry my politico correctness)

I got too high too early and was sleeping with a joint in my hand by 12:00am.


sorry guys. I had a bag packed with a picture and record for doug and that ben sims record for erk. fuck.

if you dudes will be at fukhouse, I'll bring them there.

how was it?

I heard through the grapevine (beans roomie) that it was a great.


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sorry i didn't ring yah back - i went for some predrinks after work and didnt end up getting your message till late Saturday ;)

I had a wicked time - this place (Couriveux?) is a pretty solid intimate venue, aswell the sound atleast to my drunken self sounded great! :)

the music?

top notch!!

Curt Martin opened up with as per usual a fucking kick ass deeper set and finished off the night , had the place rockin! :D

Derick Ramirez played his usual detttttrrooitttttt sets - big shout to Dez for playing a special birthday request from me - Tobacco Ties by the Martians - sick track :)

Arthur Oskan did an awesome job with the p.a - enjoyed his remixes - my mind is a little foggy on exactly what tracks they were he remixed but i could have told yah on the spot :p

Gow hammered it out as the Gowster does - heard an old christian varela track in there -

soooo many people i wanna shout out too but i don't want to miss anyone!! just a big thank you for an awesome time and company - was a great bday night... and morning (thanks dubone)

old man go strong!!!!! :D

sorry to have missed yah Destro and my fucking drinking buddy Dylan!!!! :(




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What a night!
Got there to hear Curt Matrtin burning up the decks. He played a lot of great tracks. A couple popular deep techno tracks (If there is such a thing -- you know when you say "I know that song" even though you've got no idea what it is) mixed together with plenty of other underground goodies. Curt is flawlesson the mixing and does know how to make a set sing from beginning to end.
Derick Ramirez came on and got down with a bunch of tricks and quick cross fader action. His mixes were exciting and great for those with ADD. Another nice set.
Arthur Oskan took to his gear and played one sweet live PA. His sound and songs are now becoming familiar to me. That's really nice considering we are usually more familiar with tunes from abroad. It's Great to have a guy like this in our own backyard producing some fine synth techno. Look forward to many more Live PAs from Arthur.
Greg Gow took the stage after Arthur and well...if you've heard Greg before you know you're in for a ride. I can see why he's attracting the attention that he does. All I can say is you've got to go and hear him for yourself. You will not be disappointed.
Curvoise is an interesting place. A little more loungey as opposed to clubby. Plenty of room to get your groove on though. Good vibe and lots of great people.
No cover for this one people. Considering the stellar lineup of talented locals this was such a steal! Take advantage of these great lineups before these folk are off on tour and become a rarity in their own city. Definitely wasn't one to miss.


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Originally posted by tEkKiD

sorry to have missed yah Destro and my fucking drinking buddy Dylan!!!! :(



no doubt, i wish i coulda made it. shit fucked up though, we'll deffinetly have to get some drinking going soon though happy belated either way.