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Gotham The Jim Gordon Chronicles


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Based on Batman Year One so far the show has really grabbed me. While the penguin is one of my least favorite bad guys, the show has really brought him to life and I'm really enjoying his scenes. Jim Gordon is doing a solid job so far but I wish he was a bit more gritty and not so teen pop idol.

They have introduced way too many villains already but so far it hasn't hurt the show. I'm digging this one hope it makes it.

anyone else watching?
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I am but some stuff really bothers me.

Penguin is far too skinny. Also, if memory serves me right... he loves umbrella's and birds, comes from an affluent family and is very 'gentlemanly'.

Selina Kyle should be younger than Bruce wayne.

Barbara (Gordons wife) lives in this freaking sweet looking loft. Like... how rich is she exactly? I don't remember reading any comics where Gordon and Barbara lived in anything but within their meager means. It sort of pisses me off.

Poison Ivy's dad was not Mario Pepper

They could turn this around though, who knows. I suppose it's the 'I dont want to see teenage bruce wayne, I want some freaking batman'

glych t.anomaly

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from the shows worth watching thread...

Gotham was on par with Agents of SHIELD, but my main gripe is introducing Poison Ivy, Penguin, Cat Woman and the Riddler all in the first episode....

talk about contrived and no fun, leaves nothing to mystery. and the acting felt even more forced than Agents in the beginning.

Gordon is kind of believable, but his partner is like dirty beard dick tracy without a conscience.

i know its supposed to be comic bookish, but was a little disappointing... and unless they are pulling a JJ ABrahms universe rewrite like he did with Star Trek, the evil villain origins feel phoned in.... ( not sure about the Penguin yet... but clearly being reborn a creepy bird dude as your criminal mid life crisis is where they are going with it. )

ah well, i have watched worse, lets see what they do with it.

Klubmasta Will

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the show has not blown me away, but i'm still watching. i agree with all the gripes mentioned above, especially the silly need to introduce so many future bat-villains in the premiere episode.

THE FLASH starts tonight, which i will watch because it's comics, but the previews have not looked great.

i really hope the netflix superhero shows - DAREDEVIL, LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST, JESSICA JONES and THE DEFENDERS - are better than what we've seen so far from the networks.


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will did you see the flash pilot? it was floating around on the web. I thought it was really good. I expected it to be garbage.

As for Gotham last nights episode was my favorite so far. I cant recall where from but the weather balloon killer was straight out of the comics. Ive read that one before. Thought penguin was really good last night as well. This storyline is so familiar to me but its been a while since Ive read the comics 10 years or so. Might have to go break out the boxes from the storage locker.
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The one thing Im not too worried about is the fact that the villains are obvious. I say this because in the comics they were always obvious. We knew who was behind the crimes right away in most of the comics Batman was there to find them and stop them usually falling in some kind of trap he was ready for along the way.


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I've enjoyed it so far. The penguin character reminds me of the one weird dude from darma in lost...good job thus far. also reminds me of Joaquin Pheonix.


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I am not a superhero fanboy but I am liking this show so far. The penguin character development is holding my attention.
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I"ve been keeping up. For me it's a new Smallville but a little better because it is new. Continuing story line with a miniboss/villain every episode.


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I'm liking what they are doing with Harvey Dent.

First with the shadows on his face, thn how he snapped then snapped back.

Enigma is cool to with lots of references to other versions/older riddler