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Got any questions for John "00" Fleming?


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Anything you'd like to know about the man behind Belfast Trance, and his new compilation 'White Label Euphoria' ?

Respond with your questions here, and the best ones will be selected for the interview!

Read the full news article here.

See you all at System tomorrow!




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the internet has been an incredible resource for up & coming musicians, but has also been under intense criticism for the ease of which anyone can download the latest track (often before it is released)...we say it's "free" when downloading, but there is a cost...
what do you think labels & more directly the artists can do to fully utilize the power of the internet...???

how have simple minds reacted to your remix of belfast? are there other tracks you would like to work with...any producers you would like to work with??

have fun breathe"ing" :)



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I wonder if his pet rabbit likes his music.
Or if he prefers Acid Techno, etc.. haha.
I wish I could be there. He rocked it at WEMF 2001!
I hope he plays there again this year!

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Originally posted by Richard Raiban
Ask him if he loves the track "YOU WON'T SEE ME CRY???"

Awwww.....Finary loves "YOU WON'T SEE ME CRY!!!"

You better not be poking fun b/c that's a great song...;)
I hate you all for going.. have fun for me.

:smileyface sticking its tongue out at you:
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John "00" Fleming is a trance dj that incorporates epic, goa, and progressive trance into his sets. He is from the UK and has been a quickly rising star in the world ranks. Here is his bio as taken from his own site. http://www.john00fleming.com/

John ‘00’ Fleming’s rise to the top of the pile has hardly been an easy one. His career began way back in 1984 with a residency at the legendary Stern’s Nightclub in Worthing when he was still at school. As the dance scene grew, so did John’s profile, seeing him playing Ibiza as far back as ’87, and DJ’ing alongside the likes of Carl Cox and Grooverider during the formative years of the rave scene. Just as it seemed like John was ready to take his place as one of the frontrunners of the fledgling scene, he was struck down by lung cancer and forced to watch as dance music entered into unchartered territories of popularity and DJ’s became superstars.

The frustration was evident, but fuelled John with a burning desire to get well again and reclaim his place on the scene. After three years in and out of hospitals and a year’s recuperation in Florida, John was back and bursting with energy and drive. Starting from scratch, he went back to handing out his mix tapes, enduring the constant enquiries of ‘Where have you been?’ His break came with the offer of a residency at Brighton’s popular Zap Club and he hasn’t looked back since. Up and coming all over again, the word got out and John re-established himself, gaining bookings at top clubs all over the UK, including The Gallery (London), Passion (Coalville), Slinky (Bournemouth), The Rock (Bristol), Inside out (Scotland), Foundation (Newcastle), The Guvernment (Toronto) and Dance Valley (Amsterdam). John’s re-establishment back in the big time was confirmed when he was voted ‘DJ Of The Month’ in Muzik magazine’s November ’99 issue.

The year 2002 finds John with a close relationship to one of the UK’s biggest super clubs, God’s Kichen alongside regular visits to; Gatecrasher (Sheffield), Ministry of sound (London) and Cream (Liverpool). But it’s not just the UK where John’s star shines – he’s toured across Europe, the US, Australia and Asia and has a special bond with Giant in LA, USA and Future entertainment in Melbourne, Australia.

At radio level, John has recorded two Radio One Essential mixes, a Euromix for Danny Rampling’s show, a Graham Gold network-wide mix plus numerous mixes for Kiss FM and the Galaxy network along with plenty of Worldwide appearances. Fresh out of radio training and under Mark Goodier’s watchful eye, John is guaranteed to be hitting the airwaves on a more regular basis soon.

It’s not just as a DJ that John ‘00’ Fleming is in demand. His talents extend into production and remixing as well. He has released two singles for React Music, ‘Alpha 5’ and ‘Lost In Emotion’, both of which gained plaudits from across the trance scene and established John as one of the most in-demand producers in the UK. His third single for the label ‘Free’ went straight in at # 61 in the national top 40 in August 2000. After a long break to concentrate on his Worldwide DJing career, John returns back to production and brings us his new single, ‘Belfast Trance’. This is a coalition with the 80’s super band, Simple minds and is already looking to be massive with support from Paul van Dyk and Radio 1. John has also formed a band with Hemstock & Jennings called Genetica. Their first single ‘Nazerean’ is currently being hammered off acetate by Paul Oakenfold, he has named it one of his biggest tunes. Watch out for that later this year. John’s remix credit list is as long as your arm and includes such luminaries as Erasure, Gloria Estefan, Mansun and Junior Vasquez, as well as top dance labels like Additive, Hook, Perfecto and 4D. John has also been behind the decks of a plethora of successful mix album projects, including React Music’s ‘Reactivate’ (Volume’s 13 and 14 which he co-compiled), Telstar’s ‘The Real Ibiza’, club tie-in ‘Sunny Side Up’ on Passion Music and Virgin’s silver selling (60,000 +) ‘The Best Trance Anthems…Ever!’. John’s mix album ‘For Your Ears Only’ is the second time the man himself has fronted an album project, following on from the success of ‘Licence To Thrill’, released on Automatic Records late in ’98. ‘For Your Ears Only’ perfectly encapsulates John’s DJ mix set throughout 1999/2000, showcasing the harder edge of progressive trance. The mix is spread over two CD’s, allowing John to mix the past, present and future of the music he loves. The album was released on React on 29th May 2000.

John’s latest mix album Euphoria ‘White label’ is a superb follow up to the very successful Euphoria ‘Progressive’ that he mixed and compiled last year. Again in John’s unique, intelligent, classy and Trancy style that he is known and loved for will be released in the UK February 2002. This time we see John sharing with you his love and passion for Trance music. He spends hours finding these exclusive records, remixes and one off productions to bring you an album that will be unique and stand out from the rest.

And if all that’s not enough, John still finds time to run his own record label, Joof Recordings, the first release Reysan Khan ‘Shi du’ is still currently been hammered by Radio 1’s Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine. John also writes record reviews for 7 magazine!

a selection of john's regular guest appearances

God’s Kitchen Gatecrasher Ministry of sound Slinky
Foundation Inside-out The Gallery ROAR
Giant (LA) Buzz (Washington DC) Future entertainment (Melbourne, Australia)
Code (Tokyo) Sona (Montreal) Sound collection (Hong Kong/China)
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