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Gospel House


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Where can i obtain some?? Which labels have gospel house? Are there any dj's who spin this?

thanks for any help you can give.


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I've never heard any 'sets' of just gospel house, but the only producer I can think of offhand is Ron Carroll. Try and find set's by him and you'd probably get a whole lot of what you are looking for.

Alvaro G

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There isn't that much out there in the past year or so. I know Sfere ( kerri chandler's label ) has a few joints. I admit I have been looking for some good gospel house and not able to find anything lately.

el Guapo

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check the catalogue over at "King st. " records.
lots of gospel stuff has come outta there over the years.

I've got a gospel set I made a few years ago. pm me and I'll burn you a copy.
......now I just gotta dig it up ;)

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it's been awhile since i've picked up any gospel stuff, but you should check out anything by kenny bobien ar susu bobien. as for labels, i know a lot of kenny's stuff came out on Soundmen on Wax.

why not

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Originally posted by mrs peacock
Try deephousepage.net some of Larry Herds stuff can get pretty damn gospel sounding

there's actually tons of gospel house on this site - that and classic sets.
as others have mentioned, kenny bobien, jasper st company, basement boys, king street records, purple records, soundmen on wax, and a lot of labels from new jersey.

i guess a lot of blaze and masters at work productions are pretty gospel as well, although i don't know if i'd call them gospel house.

basically, start at deephousepage.com and after you've listened to the first page, click on mix archives and there will be thousands of mixes for you to peruse.


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Gospel = Kenny Bobien for sure

some tunes out there that are on the same tip:

I Get Lifted by Barbara Tucker has gospel versions &
Holy Spirit by Eddie Amador is like rough and dirty gospel
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Originally posted by why not
terrence parker has done some gospel sets as well, you might want to look for his site.

Terrence Parker is strictly a gospel house dj nowadays...here is his website:


And you may want to check the Solid Garage jam coming up soon with Kenny Bobien making a live vocal appearance, singing alongside King Sunshine.



The Kid

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I was going to suggest Terrence Parker as well.... he's a born againer and apparently spins only gospel house now... oh well... not that I mind gospel house or anything but a full set would be a bit much for me!



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mad joints singin praise!

SO MUCH GOSPEL HERE krisssstine...lol

we have church, self-help, garage like gospel, diva gospel, barry white gospel (sounds like him)...lol...tons and tons...;)

didn't see any king st here...I can hook you up with someone here and you can get whatever you want shipped to your door...if you want vinyl that's cool...they have tons of cd's here too...do some research and let me know what you want...or give me more of a defined sound and I'll look for you...get back to me asap...mwah!

like fleaflo said...tons of Ron Carroll...old stuff too...but it's vinyl...up to you? I'll look for any cd's...and get back to you

music for your soul
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Cryssssttal! you kinda know my groove...i would trust you to point me in the right direction...honestly, i didn't realize that it was so vast!! hmmm what have i uncovered!? : )

As for if i want vinyl or cd...i don't think i can afford to even go there with becoming a junkie for the reccoorrds! I have to admit that the lure to try the tables has been on my mind...i should talk to you about it...talk some sense into me!

dvs...thank you kindly for the additional tips....*ahem* ;)

Sam, the kid...thanks to you as well...now i just have to get access to download alla that stuff!