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ok.....i have recorded some very wierd shit.

the other day i was messed up on just about everything you can imagine and I recorded some tunes with my buddy from montreal....

if anyone wants to hear "gorgatron"....i can go onto soulseek and share it. (sorry, i have no idea how to post a link to the song)

premise of gorgatron.

a meek little boy is visited by an angel of light....she gives him the mark of the chosen one.
he is the only one capable of defeating the great dragon who has stolen the 5 majic sones of man and the crown of god.....on his trip through the dark woods he parys to god and his dead father for strength and signs.....he encounters the dragon and defeats him in a great battle....afterwards, all earth returns to a state similar to eden (people living in trees).....but all men will forveer remmebr the great GORGATRON


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i love the respones......that's what i was going for.... i am so sick of artists trying to include anti-society/"meaningfull" lyrics ideas in their songs..........everything that can be said or sung has been sung.....

my name on soulseek......is......" Sample And Hold "

it's in a file called "home made"

others there too....i just finished a cover of "bad news beat" by neil young........it's stupid but i love it.


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Originally posted by sweetdaddy
i love the pics Tekkid.......i am curious....why these pics?

pic's are obviously people crying sweetdaddy...i was simply stating the obvious!!

if you scroll above you can witness it too!!! ;)

was nothing to do Gorgotron...

all for shits n giggles :)
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