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Google's new terms of service suck


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You really ought to read Google's new TOS that came out yesterday (Oct 11, 2013). In a nutshell, you now give them blanket permission to use your photograph and name to sell products to your friends and others without asking you for permission each time this is done.

Sort of like these ridiculous threads I see in my facebook : so and so friend recommends Walmart or Monsanto!!!! I often wonder what facebook is pitching 'from me' to my friends... If you see something from me like that in your timeline, rest assured, I didn't post it. (Please also take a screen cap and send it to me, because I am curious.)

In Google's new TOS (which you agree to if you use any Google product) is more far-reaching. Now you can see why they wanted to unify your login information across their various products and create a single id for you that links all their products together.

For example, comment you make about a video on YouTube for example, could be data mined and come back to haunt your friends as a recommendation from you to buy some product or service, displayed to them in their gmail account, unbeknownst to you.

I rarely recommend products or service to friends, and when I do, I want it to come from me - not from Google or Facebook pretending to be me. This is just plain evil.
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Meh, I've been using google's services for free for years it's only fair they should monetize my usage finally. My friends know what I would and wouldn't actually endorse and besides, who actually pays attention to that sidebar shit anyway? I certainly don't.


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There's a sidebar?


Yeah they own everything I post and can use it as they see fit...I thought this was the case already.

I'm not fussed about it.
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