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Google TV

Discussion in 'Technology' started by glych t.anomaly, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    5 Reasons We're Tingly About Google TV


    The last time the web smashed into television, over a decade ago, it exploded like poorly made breast implants. So why are we so excited about Google TV?

    One Word: Apps
    A desktop interface doesn't work on a television. It's half the reason the web on TV bombed the last time around. But the industry seems to have learned its lesson: TV apps need a TV interface. Check out the apps on the Xbox 360. They're not a bad start. The same way it took thousands of developers to unlock the potential of the 3.5 inch screens inside our pockets, developers can turn the 50-inch displays in our living rooms into something else entirely. Being able to look at actual stock quotes on CNBC while Jim Cramer's head turns red and pops like a pimple, or tweeting about how crazy it is that Don Draper's secretary just said that thing about black people is just the beginning of what apps on a television can be. And Google TV's the first TV platform to make that a real possibility.

    It Plays Real Nice With All Our Phones
    AirPlay, AirPoop. Google TV doesn't have Apple TV's xenophobia—in addition to letting you control it with your Android phone, it has love for iOS devices as well. And it's got streaming powers on steroids, like Chrome to Phone plus Apple's AirPlay. You can "fling" websites, photos, songs and videos from your phone to your TV instantly. (Though I suspect Android phones will have the most phone-to-TV superpowers, for obvious reasons, thanks in part to things like integration with Google Music.) Like we've said before, touchscreen phones are basically the best remotes in the world, since they can display any kind of control scheme, and shift to the best one for the task—keyboard, media controls, whatever.

    It's a Platform
    Here's the thing about Apple TV or Roku or most of the other boxes out there: They're just one box, or a couple at most. Google TV, on the other hand, is a full-on platform. It's in Logitech boxes and Sony TVs to start. But it's going to be in lots of other boxes and TVs too. Which means there's a much bigger chance Google TV's going to be the first computer/web thing in the living room to have critical mass. (With the exception of gaming consoles, which aren't trying to do the same thing.) That's potentially a huge opportunity, which gives a lot more incentive for developers to work on apps and for media companies to bring their content to Google. And if you've watched the App Store for iOS devices grow, you know how these things snowball.

    It Looks Polished (for a Google Product)
    Anybody remember Android 1.0? Google Wave? The permafrost beta label on half the products Google rolls out? Google TV doesn't look like any of the half-assed initial efforts Google usually produces and quickly iterates into something better, jerking forward with a crazed momentum. Nope, it looks polished and slick and well thought-out, right now. And, it looks like all of that stuff is organized in a way that makes sense to anybody trained to use Google—pretty much anybody who'd buy a Google TV. I don't always know what channel or website Dexter is on, I just want to watch it, wherever it comes from. Google TV makes it so that doesn't matter.

    And If Google can improve the service as fast as it made Android better, rapidly integrating lessons learned from the way people use the product? That would be a serious change of pace from the way the TV business usually works. I mean, hell, it takes a month to get the cable guy just to swing by your place to fix your box. Google could change everything on your box in half a second.

    It's Got a Ton of Content Already
    It's ready to compete with every other box out there, right off the bat. Netflix, Amazon Video. Specialized content from TBS, Cartoon Network, CNBC, HBO Go. Pandora, Twitter. The NBA. All it's missing are the major networks and ESPN, and by and large, they haven't been too friendly with the most of the other boxes either. But all that stuff could very well come in time (Hulu Plus is spreading almost as fast as Netflix), especially if Google TV establishes a monster-sized footprint in people's living rooms.

    Google also gets the internet in a way that most of the other guys trying to get into your living room don't. Which means everything that's great about the cloud—seamlessly moving stuff from device to device to device, pulling your content from anywhere, it's gonna work better on Google TV than anybody else's box. Google's got no reason to keep you inside the box. Google wants you on the web.

    Boxes next to our TV don't make us excited very often anymore. But Google TV is a lot more than a box.


    i think once its been released and i can see what is available for the overall content distribution it is claiming to have( in Canada especially ) i might get this.

    but its completely incumbent upon content availability.

  2. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member

    Agreed. The content that it's touting right now is mostly for the U.S. Chances are it might be crippled with not enough content for us up here.

  3. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member

    What? No Google Music thread yet?
  4. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    hahahah its been awhile since ive seen one of your sad attempts at irking me.

    ill try to start more threads or mention google more to give you something meaningful to do during your day.

    and if you think i actually pay for music online you are sadly mistaken.

  5. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    it's so hard to judge all these various TV boxes without them actually being available in canada.

    For instance Boxee looks like it will be severely crippled in canada. I'd guess the same for google TV.

    Apple TV has a proven interface, but the fact it can't do 1080p is a huge drag. Also it can only play itunes compatible formats (although hopefully that will change with a potential jailbreak). Also there was talk of Apps for the AppleTV, but I'm guessing that'll happen down the line. Apple has been slow on their Apple TV development. If they were smart they could have owned the whole market when they first released the original Apple TV years ago, but they were stubborn and wanted to limit content to itunes.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
  6. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    Yeah im personally waiting until something with quality hardware and content becomes available in canada, till then my HTPC will have to do with my free Rogers basic cable thats included in our Rent.

  7. Dialog

    Dialog TRIBE Member

  8. videotronic

    videotronic TRIBE Member

    is this some sort of badge of honour?
  9. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member

    Actually it can play 1080p content but it will only output to 720p. But yeah, that is a drag if you've got a nice 1080p set at home.

  10. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    sorry i should have been more specific.

    i dont purchase music from itunes, Amazon mp3, Google Music, or any other mass distribution center for mainstream music.

    i support artists by purchasing donating from their private sites or paying to see them live.


  11. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    It's the other way around. the Apple TV can OUTPUT a 1080p SIGNAL (meaning it can sync to that setting), but doesn't have the horsepower to PLAY 1080p content.
  12. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    But thats what you got your archived blu ray rips connected to your HDTV from your comp for isn't it?
  13. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member


    ABC Nightline's Google TV special gave us an early look at Sony's Google TV controller. It's got two circular directional pads, a QWERTY keyboard, and a lot of other buttons. Check out the video for more details.

    A Sneak Peek At Sony's Google TV Controller


    ooOooOooOoOoohhhhhhhh tech fancy.

  14. lobo

    lobo TRIBE Member


    Honestly, the Google TV is more of a fun hobby thing as I see it. I've already got my HTPC hooked up to the HDTV for all my rips, OTA, downloads, music and photos. The PS3 takes care of Netflix and bluray. Anything more is just for playing.


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