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Google is no longer a search engine.


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Try entering " Bill Cosby Rap " ...
you'd think it would give you the word Rape.

Word is, there seems to be some possible collusion between Google and Hillary Clinton these days.
Maybe time to start using Bing !

glych t.anomaly

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Or when there is so much relevant content about a person concerning both Rap and Rape, it specifically gives you results based upon the word.

if you put in just Bill Cosby, third link down is the sexual assault allegations wiki page.


Bernnie Federko

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I have this vague recollection of a piece in the new yorker or probably the intercept (rolling Stone maybe) about Larry Page's work for Google on behalf of the State Department...


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The very idea of a completely neutral search engine may be:

A) unattainable (choices made on the algorithm will impact results, these design choices are made by humans)

B) undesirable (some human curation may actually be better than "straight neutral" - what would "straight neutral" searching even look like? For example, arranging purely by popularity substitutes curation by business rules engine choices for curation by the mob, which has its own challenges)


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This is also a running gag on HBO's Silicon Valley! Nefarious Hooli founder Gavin Belson scrubbing his own search engine for negative press. This show is great.