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Goodbye Kiwi Paul


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I got there about 4ish?

and i believe i had a fabulous time.....however the beers went down like water which makes some points blurry for me

Paul you are a genuine great guy and i'm sorry i only got to meet you last summer

Greatest of success in everything you do


ps the cake and pictures of Paul were a great addition :D


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Wish I could have seen you off Paul but I've degressed to be a one-in-a-row guy. Not sure how you can bail out with so many people so into what you've help put together with Lazy Dayz, but all the best regardless. You're truly top-notch.

Chicago Kid

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Well, I was a loud-ass, sunglasses-wearing, hyper, still fucked-from-the-previous-night, getting drunker, overly talkative dude...sorry I missed you. Were you on the patio?

Great people all around; the ones I met anyway.
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I was all over and i think i left around 10ish

everything is an "ish"

i might have been on the patioish or the insideish

i remember seeing Tack one's bass wallet in real life lol


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By looking at the pics I obviously missed a good day!

And to Aussie Paul- I don't know you as well as everyone else here, but I'll always remember catching you on the dancefloor- smiling and waving hello. You're a really nice guy and it's obvious why you'll be missed around town.

Bon Voyage or until next time...:)

Aussie Paul

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This party had been planned for over 2 months (I actually arranged the dates of my resignation from work and my flight out around it) It was magical for me to see everything fall into place so perfectly and everyone enjoying themselves. Especially considering my concerns over the weather, sound and not to mention constantly being thrown off guard by one incredibly moving surprise after another – I really did not deserve that much attention.

It was an amazing day for me. It seemed like the whole day was in fast-forward and it was incredibly moving. I have had to remind myself that it all was real. After arriving @ 2pm I ended up leaving with @12.30am and there about were still 8 people there went we left. (In fact 2 people were arriving as we walked out)

I cannot believe all the amazing words and support and goodbye wishes!

I’m sorry to everyone that I did not spend enough time talking to, or whose conversation with me was interrupted with a hello or goodbye hug from someone else.

I really don’t know quite what to say except


Thank you to everyone who came out on Monday.
Thanks to the all the DJ’s: Gleeson, Lunnen, Linzee, Rich, Drury, Dave, Sage and especially Jeremy for agreeing to the crazy idea of mixing a set I programmed. I am very thankful to have had such a fantastic line up of Toronto’s best local house DJ’s and I’m honored to call you all good friends.
Thanks to everyone who subjected their ears to my cheesy vocal house between 7.30 & 9pm. It was a lot of fun putting that set together with Jeremy.
Thanks to Kevin and all the staff @ IV for the support
Thanks to Toby – whose support in setting up and helping run the day was fantastic.
Thanks so much to Larisa & Pia for organizing all the surprises (speeches, toasting, cake, slideshow, champagne) – You are both tooo much !

It has been so much fun to throw the Lazydaze parties. This party and all the others would not have been possible without the person that does almost all the work for Lazydaze, the person who grabbed my idea and encouraged me said “Let’s do itâ€. An awesome partner and great friend - Thank you Sage!

Good luck everyone, and good luck Lazydaze

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By far the best Lazydaze to date, and for good reason. Still can't believe the day has come and gone that many a wikked partier gathered @ 326 Dundas Street West, and proceeded to end the long weekend with an amazing time...The weather was better than any of us imagined (even with the quick downpour), and of course all the dj's played fantastic, especially that bald guy playin' the vocal house;)

From the moment I heard about there possibly being an "end of the weekend, loungey sort of event" from Paul and Sage back in the fall, I had a good feeling it was going to turn into something special, which was proven on Monday...and I look forward to working with Sage, Jeremy and Dany to help Lazydaze continue to grow and prosper.

Not so much a goodbye to Paul, as it was more of a so long...that crazy kiwi will grace our city once again.



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I am more shocked that Paul did have any typo's in his post. :p

what a fabulous day. I'm really quite speachless about the entirety of the evening, maybe because I have such a vague recollection of it. However, I do know that you do deserve all that attention Paul.

The turnout alone goes to show what an impact you have on people. It was mentioned many times in your original Goodbye post - You have an infectious enthusiasm that cannot be topped. AND, you managed to convert me from Techno to House ( xoxo ) :D

Take care Paul and safe travels. :)
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It was a packed Lazydaze... just goes to show ya how popular certain Kiwis are in Toronto! :D

Great speech Larissa + Pia and yummy cake too. Amazing tunes both indoors and out, and I was delighted to see that the "surprise" international guest could program such a happy yet nostalgic set.

G'luck & all the best Paul... and don't worry, we'll be sure to keep you updated on all the future LD shenanigans!


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Another fantastic afternoon/evening at lazydaze indeed, I could not believe how many people could be packed in there!

It was a lovely way to spend my birthday. Thanks for having my little party in amongst the big one! Everyone who was there for the first time was really impressed.

I can't imagine coming to lazydaze and not being greeted by Paul's amazing grin.

We'll miss ya babe, you da best!


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I wasn't aware of this send-off, but that couple of times I met you Paul you were cool and forgiving considering I was completly drunk beyond all comprehensible words.

So thanks for being a good sport. You've obviously affected the lives of those on this community for the better.


PS - it's nice to see they're calling you 'Kiwi Paul' now. Haha.


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Paul - I feel like I have known you from day one. Those days we had in Vancouver really helped in my adjustment to BC. I really appreciated having you around at that time, I feel like we cemented a friendship that I know will last a lifetime. I wish in the following 2 years we could have hung out more, danced more, drinked more, laughed more and all the other things I do so naturally with you. I wish you all the best in your further travels. Know that you will always have a friend here (many I am sure). I hope to visit you one day in Sydney. It was a pleasure to get to know you Paul. I will miss you.


And now from Line:

Hey Paul, my favorite kiwiman, take care of yourself and make sure to keep that beautiful smile on your face. You're an amazing person and had I been in Toronto, I would have definately went out to your goodbye party... and you that's a big thing for me!!! Big big hug, lotsa love...
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