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Goodbye Kiwi Paul

Jeremy Jive

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What can I say that hasn't already been said in the previous Lazydaze reviews? This really has become the highlight of my weekend adventures. They said the idea wouldn't work or may be mildy popular if it were to happen at all. Paul is never one to shy away from a good idea no matter what the unprofessional critics say.

Lazydaze has quickly grown from a few people lounging around having some post debaucherous drinks and food to a full out expression of good house music and good times amongst a growing group of friends. The very best part of Lazydaze is the enjoyment of patrons and each week seeing new faces take the plung and come out to see what the buzz is all about. Watching new people meet the regular crew and have fun together is amazing. Seeing new people come back with new friends in tow is the real success.

Yesterday was definitely the biggest and the most popular of all the Lazydaze events. Sadly it was the one that had the goodbye attached to it. Aussie Paul, the man behind the madness is setting sail (if he hasn't already told you 800 times). Paul put so much time and effort into the planning of yesterdays party that it was rewarded with a day of sunshine and smiling faces. Thank you to Sage, Toby, Cory and Jeanine for setting up. Thank you to Lunnen, Drury, Kiseka, Gleeson, Rich Hope and of course resident Sage for playing the beats. Two rooms made it really hard to decide where to be.

Beyond all the friends, the highlight of yesterday was being Paul's human jukebox as we played his goodbye set composed of all his favourite house tracks through the biggest and the smallest. I really wish that we had been able to record it. Considering I had never heard any of the songs before it was a heck of a lot of fun to play and maybe learned some new things to try again later. The gong show award goes to Carey (followed closely by Cory). I'd explain why but I'll spare him the stories on the internet and just use it as personal blackmail. I'm still laughing now!

Thanks again to Paul, even though Lazydaze will live on, it will be hard without you. TO THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW YET, LAZYDAZE WILL CONTINUE AND WE'D LIKE TO OFFICIALLY WELCOME AND ANNOUNCE THE INVOLVEMENT OF DANNY V (B9 Productions) AND TOBY.

Pics from yesterday should be up soon thanks to Nick (our unofficial/official in house photographer) and Sage/Sage's mom (our official in house photographers)

jeremy -back to a land down under- jive


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Hear that Piero???!!!!

They had interac, and we had no idea!

Our drunken run in the rain to get more cash would have been fruitless if not for getting smokes. :D



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Another amazing Lazydaze!

As usual the music and crowd were top notch. I'm glad I held off on going out to anything else this weekend, since I know I'll always get my dancing fix at this event. It was hilarious coming up with new "rustic" dance moves with Pat & Damon, and awesome to have so much room to dance later on when most people had left.

So much fun, and so great to see more of my friends come to check it out.

Paul, you'll be greatly missed.

Mrs. Pink

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Ha, ya, I forgot about Carey....

he came into the booth at one point and told me he was taking over.......


Chicago Kid

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FUCK, there was Interac? I was laying plastic down like an idiot cuz they said the closest ATM was a 2min walk away...and yes, I was just that lazy and hooked to the d-floor.

Who are the ladies in the pic above with Paul?
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Paul, you lucky boy-- what a great goodbye party ;)

I'm too hungover to write much, so here's part of my photo journal of the day/eve:



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first off. my apologies for not making it out. apparently, drinking, dancing and debauchery for 4 days straight wasn't such a great thing for my body after all... closing out boa for knuckles was simply the final nail in the proverbial coffin my friend.

nice to read these great reviews and i can see from the pics that fun was definitely had by all!!

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Chicago Kid

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Originally posted by bettEC

Who is this^^^? I was dancing beside/in front of you inside the place last night but don't think I introduced myself. I had a red shirt on that said "FCUK for England."

Also, were you at Guv on Sunday night?

Okay, I'll stop with the questions, I'm just trying to piece shit together from my last 72 hours in TO, only 11 of which were spent sleeping. :confused: ;)

Chicago Kid

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Originally posted by Krzysiu
wow, from one beer to too many. I win!

good times, a great send off!
Shit dude, you were there too? I was hoping to put more faces to names but got caught up drinking, dancing and getting my chops busted by Carey.

I seriously didn't realize we had been there for almost 7 hours? We left around 11:15 and there were only about 10 of us on the patio and 6-7 more inside...where the hell did everyone disappear to?


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Originally posted by Mrs. Pink

what a dud.

Had a fun time for the brief period I was there. Place was just filling up as I left for home, so it looks like I missed a good night!

Alas, my birthday weekend just killed me (thanks for the Sat. night set Mat!) and I had to go home for some needed rest (and some 24 finale action).




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Originally posted by Chicago Kid
Shit dude, you were there too?
yep, I showed up around 730. Danced, laughed, cried, more laughing, pestered Comma Splice, more crying, sleep.

good times I say!

Chicago Kid

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Krzysiu
yep, I showed up around 730. Danced, laughed, cried, more laughing, pestered Comma Splice, more crying, sleep.

good times I say!
Did I see/meet you? By that time, the combination of disco biscuits, beer and no sleep was wreaking havoc on my memory and overall functionality.
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We're all sad that we couldnt make it out to say goodbye proper Paul, but long weekends usually mean we're out of the city.

I hope you have a fantastic journey back to NZ, it was great to get to know you and you will be sorely missed.

- Ryan and Aleks.


Ah Paul, so sad to see you go.
Its a huge loss for the music community, but more importantly, on a personal level, for so many people.

But our loss is Sydney's substantial gain, and i don't suppose we can begrudge them their luck.

Have fun and keep being you.

Originally posted by Mrs. Pink

what a turd.
a stylish turd though, to be sure.

Prickly Pete

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Originally posted by Krzysiu
yep, I showed up around 730.
hmmm... I thought I left then... but I am pretty sure I said hi to you...

well I had a blast... I ended up being one of the first people there and sat outside with Toby and crew drinking... I had planned to leave after 2 beer due to a tiredness factor... but thanks to some people (cough*Dan*cough*Lori*cough*Ritika) ended up staying and getting completely shitfaced... and having a great time...

You will be missed Paul... I will have great memories of you from our trip to Miami for the rest of my life...

PS: Can you organize my trip next year?... you did an awesome job this year...
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Paul I am really really sorry I couldn't make it...but when the boss leaves you the keys and says open the shop on monday @ 3 theres not a hell of alot you can do...especially when you are hung over from the night before....

I am sooo sorry I couldn't make it out to this...I was planning on getting there for 3 and then starting my shift @ 6 but as mentioned my boss asked me to open up the shop...:(:(

all the best to you in your travels and we will meet again!

as for lazydayze I shall return in 2 weeks for some domino's with rude1 to see who will be crowned the king of diva house
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