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Goodbye Kiwi Paul

Mrs. Pink

TRIBE Member
Thanks so much to all the postive energy you've brought to Toronto and thank you for letting me be a part of a very special day.

you'll be missed.

Mat Lunnen


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paul, i was really hoping to see you at the docks, then pia told me what happened. she also told me about something they were gonna do for you, and i thought to myself, that's special! i'm sure you were sent off proper at lazydaze, but that's the least everybody could do for you after you inspired and touched their lives over the last couple of years.

i wanted to come down, but my body didn't. so much pain. good pain, though.

have a safe trip home, and don't stumble too hard in ibiza. it's heaven. :)

the Doctor

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Paul ... there is a lot to remember and to reminisce about, but this image captures the way I will always remember you. A smiling face for all, and as much energy and love as anyone can handle. Love you hon!

Today's Lazydaze was an event to remember: Two decks, two parties, dancing inside, dancing outside, sun, rain, a beautiful night sky, Paul's first ever SET (!!), amazing people and lots and lots of love.

It was great to meet so many people (finally!) Thanks to all who came. Simply put ... it was great.


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another visit to IV and another good time.

it was pretty busy and seemed like everyone who was there was enjoying themselves. nice to see that Paul was given a cake and the slide show was a nice way to send him off.

music was great... vibe was great... I really enjoyed myself.

cheers Paul!! safe travels.
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TaCk OnE?

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as is the way with every well intentioned outing I attend, I end up getting ruined when I plan on just playing it cool, and adversely end up going home early when it's probably an apt idea to rage a bit harder.....this was of course the former of the two....first and foremost, fuck being able to buy beer on interac...that is a death wish, and should be outlawed!
or worshipped, I won't be able to tell until tomorrow.

that being said, fuck it all, I'm more than happy I came out, danced around like a drunken raver all night, met some new people as well as talked some quality shit with the ones I already know....so fuck it, I'm willing to feel the burn for this one....

Jer played some priceless shit, good on ya man....

thanks to everybody who put up with my sloppy bullshit, nothing but loooooooove for ya.


Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
I finally met swilly the wonder hickey!!!:D
and other than that i have no idea what went on :confused:
bye paul, we will miss you!!!


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You will be missed.

But don't worry.. I'm coming out to Sydney to see you and your beautiful city!

You haven't seen the last of me!

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What a great day. Great to party with you on your last big weekend in TO. You will be missed.

Looking forward to the next LazyDaze in 2 weeks, but it I know it will feel like something is missing.


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what a fun way to end the weekend!

lots of friendly faces, the sun was shining - at least for the brief time i was there - won.der.ful.

all the best, paul.




TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Dirty Girl

and other than that i have no idea what went on :confused:
You were harrassing people that's what went on.

Great going away party, lots of familiar faces. Best of luck to you Paul, hopefully we'll cross paths again in the future. You will be missed.


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Originally posted by Dirty Girl
I finally met swilly the wonder hickey!!!:D
and other than that i have no idea what went on :confused:
bye paul, we will miss you!!!
You were awesome! Can I have my pansts back (joke)? You were rocking it!


TRIBE Member
Good Luck Paul!

I had a great time yesterday. :)

It was an extremely fun and interesting cast of characters, with many kind smiles and quick laughs erupting from out of the woodwork. :)

Fine ladies of all shapes and sizes and guys that couldn't help but get their groove on!

If Lazydaze continues, i'll continue to come out for the day. :)

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Great to hear that it turned out awesome. Sorry we couldn’t make it, but we wish you best of luck and hope to run into you sometime in the future.


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This was my first lazydaze and wil definitely not be my last.

I had a blast yesterday listening to sweet house beats in the sun and drinking and chatting with good friends and acquaintances I haven't seen in a long time.

Fun, fun, fun. :D

We will miss you Paul, hope you have a safe flight back and hope to see you at some point in the near future. :)


TRIBE Member
Had a great time. Saw lots of friends and familiar faces. Enjoyed the music immensley. Really enjoyed the pure comedy of the messy Boa staff member hijinks.

It was great getting to know you Paul, all the best my fellow Kiwi. Look forward to seeing you soon in Sidney.

Chicago Kid

TRIBE Member
Nice one!

You guys most def have a wicked little jam going on in that place. That was truely a wicked fucking event with great people, great tunes and a killer, relaxed vibe...perfect end to a whirlwind trip for me that included lots of clubbing and very little sleep.

I was a little unsure on how much fun it would be for me since I hadn't met a lot of you Tribe crew, but after a couple much needed beers out on the patio to take the Sunday night edge off, I stared making my rounds and introductions.

Everyone I met was super nice and inviting, especially Aussie Paul, whom I had met earlier in the morn at the Docks as both of us were getting the shaft from getting in the door for Danny T. The tunes out on the patio were amazingly deep and soothing and we were blessed enough to have son for most of the afternoon.

When it started to rain, we moved inside and thought that it was maybe time to go...but that quickly changed. My boys and I were energized by the amount of people dancing inside and the choice selections of Paul's "set." I started bouncing around the front room like a hyeena on speed and introducing myself to people as I literally was bumping into them.

So yeah, I think I met about 50 people yesterday; some of you knew that hyper kid in the red shirt was me, others, not so much, but the attitudes and friendliness were top notch and the whole concept of that little place just blew my mind.

Wicked to finally meet everyone: Paul, Sage, Rich, Nick, Lee, Dan, Sean, Matt, Vench, Tim, Jeremy Jive, Sugar, Leo-Girl...all the other ladies that I can't remember (I recognized a lot of ladies from pics, but sadly didn't catch names)...there was still a ton of people that I didn't get introduced to that were out on the patio and then left while I was getting drunk; guess I'll have to wait for next time.

Quality fucking times people, thank you! Good luck Paul...maybe catch you in Ibiza.

On a side note, I have no voice and missed my fucking flight this morning. :eek:

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
It was my first Lazydaze as well, and I had an awesome time! Showed up early on and proceeded to get sloppy drunk on the patio before it started to rain, then moved inside and danced until they closed up shop! Jeremy and Michael Drury were both playing some killer shit in there. And yes, having interac at a bar is a bad idea, although it made for an interesting (drunken) bike ride home.

I'll be back for sure!

P.S. nice chattin with you at the end Paul, and have an awesome time on your travels!
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