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Good Winter Socks


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This thread is devoted to discussions on the perfect warm and dry Winter sock.

Kodiak doesn't seem to make a merino wool synthetic blend anymore. That's kind of a bummer because they were the only socks that didn't leave my feet feeling wet, cold, and gross.

I've just invested in Columbia's wool-synthetic blend. They seem ok. Not better than Kodiak's old blend, but better than a pure wool sock / pure synthetic sock.
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My friend Natalie got me some nice winter socks last Christmas made by Smiths Workwear and they are really well made and warm. I asked her where she got them and she figures winners, but I think you can get them online. Best winter socks I have owned.


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wore the Icebreaker Merino socks this weekend for world's toughest mudder (24 hours in the cold/mud) and they worked great.

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Camel hair socks - by far the best, driest, warmest (sometimes a little too warm) socks I've ever worn.