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Good ways to cook chicken...Suggestions?


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I bought all this chicken last week after the black out because chicken and steak was all the stock that price chopper had. (and well Steak is a treat for me)

Problem is I'm getting bored of my usual ways of cooking it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh yeah right now I have quarter chickens (breast) thawed ready for cooking when I get home from work



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Sounds simple but it is good stuff.

Roast 'em up...but before you do season some flour (use whatever salt, pepper and whatever herbs and seasoning you like) add enough water to make a rather thick paste, rub this coating on your chicken, cook covered in the oven till nearly done and in the last 15 minutes, uncover, pierce the skin and let them brown up. This leaves the chicken succulent and the skin so crispy. ;) I had this on the weekend with a friend and they were surprised...i could cook!


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A really easy way that's healthy too is to cut up a bunch of apple and garlic.

Put it in all in tin foil with some oil so it's sealed and roast for 20 min. at 350.

I know better ways but this was quick to write. :)

ps. Check out the What's for dinner thread and you'll find wicked stuff.

Jeremy Jive

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The best thing for chicken is to marinate it. Unlike meat you can't eat it a bit raw so there is natural juices in it. You have to cook it well. Marinating it give it a nice flavour and makes it much more tender and juicy when you are done.

jeremy -soak it- jive

Littlest Hobo

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Take garlic, onion and mince.

Add mustard, honey, oil and cheese if you dare.

Mix into a thick paste.

Loosen skin of thigh (be careful) and stuff paste underneath.

Rub salt, pepper and oil on top of skin.

Put 8 inches under broiler for 20 minutes, turn after 12 minutes.


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am I the only one that read that as

good ways to CHOKE your chicken

jeeze must be the tribe influence.


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Originally posted by luvslife
Am I the only one who is worried about Pricechopper Blackout Chicken???
No I totally here where you're coming from so thats why I got chicken that was packaged 5 days later :) (the date is stamped on the price.) funny enough they still had chicken that was packed on the days surrounding the blackout on the shelve. I definately would not buy that chicken. Especially chicken, of all things.