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Good program for ghosting a HD?


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My computer is starting to run like shit and I havnt done a format on it in over a year. As far as I know, I dont have any spyware/virii/etc, just ran a few scans. But, I find windows starts to run sluggish on its own accord after use for a long time.

Anywho, gunna do a format/reinstall soon, and once I get everything re-installed I want to make a ghost image of the setup so next time I decide to do a format/reinstall I just need to reload the image and dont need to worry about re-installing office/photoshop/etc/etc/etc.

Also, I'm sure a quick google could answer this for me, but I'm lazy

- how do I go about changing the drive that my documents/etc is stored on? I'd like to create a 40g partition that I'll keep just windows + applications on, then documents/downloads/mp3s/etc/etc go onto another one so when I format, I dont need to worry about backing up all of my user data.
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try cleaning up your registry with Eusing Free Registry Cleaner.

i downloaded it from download.com and ran it last week. 1300 dead registry references cleaned up and my 'puter's running like santo gold since.

you will do it.


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^^ Just ran that, cleaned out about 1,000 entries, and things seem to be far more responsive now then they have been. Now, to do a defrag (havnt done that in awhile) and I should be set...