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Good Places To Go For Lunch?


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Located in Richmond Hill. KNow of anywhere good or have any recommendations? I am right near East Beaver Creek and know of all those resaurants located in that area, but I was wondering if anyone had heard anything good about all the new restaurants located on Commerce Valley Rd? I think that's the street?

Suggestions please!
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the time square building at leslie and 7 has some good restaurants on the main level.. around back.

i'm picking someone up in the area and going for lunch.. wanna join?


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Maybe another time, I have a meeting with someone so can't really have friends around! But was thinking of going to my old time fave place that's not too too far from here. BIG JOY NOODLE has the best beef and noodle EVAR! I should go!

But thanks for theoffer will consider it next time out! Rain Cheque!
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