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good place to find condo/apartment rental listings?


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besides craigslist and veiwit.ca

they both suck.. either people don't get back to you in a timely fashion or you're competing with 30 other people for a place.

i need to find a rental place downtown within walking distance of Front and John/Queen W... can't find shit all that's not a dump! :p
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check remax - under condos for rent.

You can search by neighbourhood, and you'll get condos, not apts.


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ya mls sucks to.. hardly any rentals listed for the area i was looking.. i think when i lasted checked there were like 10
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Brad Lamb's advertising makes me laugh. He's on king and works that area, I think.

We were lucky with viewit.ca, and all the listings a realestate guy sent us ---> around Front/Spadina - lots of 'loft' condos to rent.

Walk around the area yourself and happy hunting.