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good online search for apartments?

The Tesseract

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I'm surfing through LiveDeal, but it kind of sucks.
No... actually, it really sucks.

What are some good websites for searching for apartments in Toronto?
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craigslist and viewit.ca

but don't even bother with them.. they both suck... I've been looking for a place for 6 weeks.. everything decent, you have to compete with 50 other people to get it, or people jsut don't get back to you because they're bombarded with emails.. and most listings on craigslist don't have pictures.. so people make the places out to sound really good.. and they turn out to be dumps.

i've had the best luck just walking around and going to building rental offices.. and lots of condo's have bullitin boards on the first floor where people post up units for rent.. just as the security where it is.. seems like it's usually by the mail boxes.

so ya... pick the area you want... and go for a walk one morning.


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okay so apparently I give shitty recommendations. :rolleyes:

Yes walking around looking for an apartment is a best case scenario, but for those who are pressed for time, or are looking to relocate to a different area, it's not always an option. I try to pick up the paper on Saturdays too for the classifieds...even though it's hit and miss and there are no pics, sometimes you can really luck in .


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seach my posts for rentals or leases or something along those lines. I posted a list of about 50 online rental sites but I'm too lazy to search for the original post.
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The Tesseract

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ScottBentley said:
currently looking through thestar.com (as we speak!)
lots o listings but their filter sucks!

it sure does! that's why i started this thread. cause that site sucks!

Yeah, i'm kinda pressed for time, as I work in Etobicoke and live in Markham with my folks. The commute in the morning isn't bad, but it licks dirty ass in the evening. I'd like to find a place closer to work, to drop down my commuting time.
My roommate will want a place near a Subway. My requirements are, somewhere in between Yonge in the east and Weston in the west, dupont in the south and 401 in the north. Searching under those requirements, is rather difficult... especially since i don't know that area very well.