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Good Ol Infomercials


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Just wondering if anyone has ever bought anything off an infomercial? Some of those things look sooooooooooo cool! Like the Ronco oven....i think i could really put it to good use, oh and the vacuum seal thingy, what a great idea. And who can say they havent thought about getting Pro-active :D Anyhow just wondering if ppl have ever bought these things and if they worked as well as the TV demonstration!?!? And does the money back garantee actually hold true??

Experiences anyone?

Leah<----thinking about going on a home shopping spree
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Big League Chu

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I was just getting on here to find out if anyone had bought the Ronco Knives and if indeed they are shit. Then I saw your thread. You get soooo many for the price of 3 Monthly payments of 13.33. Three easy Payments!!! Wait and there's more!!!!