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good movies to see


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what the subject says ^^. I want to see some good movies (rentable ones, not theater ones) So list 'em mmmkay? :rolleyes:
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what kind of movie are you looking to watch?

vench <----got a lot of titles in mind........

pauly j

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bully - same guy who did kids
run lola run - forget the subtitiles, it's amazing
training day - not worth a best actor for denzel, but still a damn good flick.

and there you are.

pauly j.
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terrawrist III

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hey junglette...long time

go and rent bully...I think you would really like it

others to get:

requiem for a dream
perfect blue
apocalypse now redux


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Originally posted by terrawrist III
hey junglette...long time

go and rent bully...I think you would really like it

others to get:

requiem for a dream

i can't see how people can actually like this movie. i will admit that when i saw it, it didn't have 100% of my attention *cough* however the parts i did watch were unbearable.

as for movies i really like:

the sweet hereafter
run lola run
jackie brown
ferris bueller's day off (you can never watch this movie too many times)
human traffic (great to watch while spending a night with friends...esp. friends you've partied with)
stand by me
seven <--- can't get enough of it
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On video/DVD:

Donnie Darko
Tokyo Fist
Shall We Dance?
Moulin Rouge
The Thing (1982 version - scary shit)
The Limey
Out of Sight
Blow Out
Raging Bull
Sleepy Hollow
Night of the Living Dead
Nosferatu (1922 silent version - creepy)
Session 9

From the ministry of that's off the top of my head, hitting as many different genres as I can think of.

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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check out:


it'll be out on video and dvd soon. it was a great film. i saw it twice. don't see it if you hate subtitles though.

Series 7
I Went Down
Deep Cover
Hoop Dreams
Mad Max/The Road Warrior (together)
The Way of the Gun
King of New York

From the Ministry of crime

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