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good lord

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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ach, my eyes!

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Kick the habit of Conformity, except in the field of cloning! Recently someone emailed me saying that my site was hard to navigate, well if you can't navigate it with how user friendly I've made it, get the hell off. I would prefer to keep the really stupid people off of here. Go back to watching party of five and listening to N-Sink. Don't try and be cute and eamil me about typos or grammatical errors. I don't care, except for the few pages I really put a lot of effort into they are not spell checked or edited.</font>


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i found the secret x-files page.

it started mixing in a crappy midi rendition of the theme song to my chunes already on - i quickly closed it.

he is cool.

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Subsonic Chronic

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I have a hard time believing that his counter is anywhere near accurate.

As of my visit he's at...

5,893,760,321 hits.

You'd think he had his own version of the Tribe board or something...

Pete &lt;- stealing this guy's code for my own website as we speak.
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jokes on the internet...what's next? a man's gaping bunghole?