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good headphones - opinions?


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i need a new pair of dj headphones... anybody know any good, not-too expensive (<300) models?
i had a pair of Sony VDR 900's, and I didn't like them - and I know 4 out of 5 respondents will recommend them....
i used to buy Fostex T7's, but they've stopped making them...
no earbuds either; too fruity

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Used to have sony MDR 5000 and 3000. Good phones but I preffer my in ear monitors anyday.
Using shures right now but one day will get the Ultimate Ears


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technics dj1200, best bang and comfy for your buck, very ruggedly built as well. you'd have to work at breaking them
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vveerrgg said:
^^^ you said the same thing about his mom.....


we all "have' to work at breaking them verrrggg, it is the reason we were put on this earth....lol


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I still but the 'ol school 600s (Sony). Since the new models came out the price has really dropped and you can still get them at Bay/Bloor radio. I figure why screw with a solid thing.


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I got the Etymotic Er-4S's and for in-ear monitors they are AMAZING!

if you're thinking of going in-ear check em out!

www.headphone.com has them and a lot of other options too... should help you scope whats available, they have some useful writeups and guides.


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Seinhauser HD 25's generate the best sounds of any headphones I've used. Thinking of picking a pair up because, like many other peoples', my MDR700's broke.
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akg k271s baby, or the k171 (slightly less priced). wicked sound, and the cord is detachable at the ear piece for when the cord breaks (and it will) it's easily replaced, and doesn't require soldering and such.


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Me ol' Senny's


I picked up a pair of these while in school for Audio Post Production and have to say that I've never been disappointed by them.

Compared to the Sony 700s they might lack a little in the lower end but the overall representation is stellar.

Plus they're a steal compared to when I picked mine up -- I paid $199 plus taxes at Bay Bloor three years ago. I say give 'em a listen if you're in the store.
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