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Good deal on Hard Drive?


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My hard drive has begun to make noises, and act kind of wierd. I realize it's all a matter of time before it dies, so, I'm looking for another drive quickly so I can copy everything over to the new drive.

Anyways while searching, I noticed Futureshop has this deal going on!

The description is wrong it actuallly has a 16mb read buffer. Anyways I'm new to this stuff, so any input/advice would be appreciated! Should I jump on this deal?
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Sinister Shadow

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Future shop isn't worth the trouble IMHO. You can grab yourself a 200GB Maxtor/Seagate down at Canada Computers on College for $100 just as easily. You won't have to wait for the $75 rebate.


I mean if you just HAVE to have the box and warranty offered through future shop by all means, but the prices at Canada Computers will beat them every time.



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halo five

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I picked up a 300GB IDE drive a few months back from A-Plus for $130. Doooo it!

Future Shop is evaaiiill! Evaiiillll on two legs!!
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xtcfreak said:
FS will pricematch Canada Computers. So your return policy/exchange might be better :)

Not always true. I've had them argue that the item was refurbished even when it wasn't. See halo's post re:evalllll.

wayne bradbury

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I wish futureshops return policy is as good as they say it is. I've had to practically resort to threatening physical harm to the manager to honour their policy. When enough people in the shop were staring at me clearing stating they were not honouring the policy clear as day on the huge sign yelling in his face turning red with my fists clenched he did what he should done in the first place and returned opened product that was sold to me as new. After he did what was right I said "thank you now that wasn't so hard was it?" 30 min screaming match no joke!