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Good Bye Lenin

Aerius Zension

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A film by Wolfgang Becker (Run Lola Run). The preview will explain it all, as its not really a movie you can give away.

This film has been released in Europe last year, as a friend has seen it already on a Europe trip. What caught my eye was that not only was it directed by Wolfgang Becker, but the soundtrack was done by Yann Tiersen, of Amelié fame. This looks quite promising.
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Tom Tykwer directed Run Lola Run. Wolfgang Becker was credited with a 'special thanks' in it though.


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Looks cool.

But I don't know if he had anything to do with Run Lola Run. He certainly didn't direct it.

Unless he also goes by the name of Tom Tykwer.


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Originally posted by Spades
Tom Tykwer directed Run Lola Run. Wolfgang Becker was credited with a 'special thanks' in it though.

I watched about half of Run Lola Run. It drove me nuts and I had to shut it off.
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Originally posted by Spinsah
Tom Tykwer.
He also did "Heaven". Something worth watching if you haven't seen it.

As a side note, I especially love the music in the trailer. It was never released as a real track, but it is an excellent epic trance song.

Cheer ... Ian :)


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I just read the synopsis of the movie.
It looks like it would be funny and very interesting to watch.

Can you rent this movie now??
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I had a hard time finding the english subtitles for this flick. It's only been released in Europe and only european subtitles are included on the PAL DVD. I finally found an english sub file that an amateur had translated & created.

The soundtrack for this flick (composed by Yann Tiersen) is haunting.
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Ack, can't watch that. Totally avoiding that trailer since it's the next film on my list of things to see.


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I just this film at the princess cinema and I am very impressed.

I wont provide any spoilers but i will say!!

The story has a alot of amazing cinematography particulary with some opening scenes of the final GDR parade before the collapse of the wall.

It also really captures the feelings that must of been ocurring at this time in germany; particulary with reunification and then beating england in the world cup.

I thought the movie was supposed to be more of comedy but it touches on alot of emotions.

The story line is well suited to the theme of east german transition.

i would give it 10/10.
One of those movies where an hour or 2 later you are still thinking about the movie.
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