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Good Airport Limo company??


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wow, the reviews of the places I'm looking at online are all super shady. Can somebody recommend a place that will show up on time in a car from this century?
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my previous employer had a contract with airline limousine. never had any issues.

now i can throw rocks at the airport, so i just leave my car at work and get a co-worker to drop me off / pick me up when i travel on business.
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le bricoleur

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Another vote for Rosedale livery.

We used them for our wedding. We stayed at our venue a little longer than expected because we were rocking out. But I gave the driver a generous tip and he made sure that the company didn't bill us for the extra time.


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To end this thread I give you a few of the funnier reviews of the place I almost went with. Thanks for saving me tribe.

I agree with the review before me its the culprit torontolimo-airporttaxi.com with the mentioned phone numbers that has also sting me. In my case everything was fine until the driver showed up with 1994 rusted lincoln town car with one broken head light and scratches all over the car. When we got in the car and went on the highway it started giving us trans mission problems.

They never showed up to pick me up at 5am this morning. I tried calling their phone number which was shut off. I missed my flight because of this company. They did not even call to apologize.

Will not use again They are horrible drivers scared the living hell out of me and my friend.
The car smelled and the driver had a nasty attitude, asked me to give him directions to get to the airport. I was not very impressed with their service.
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