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~*...going to pactice...*~

that 420 guy

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what activities did you have to attend practice for when you were growing up?

how was practice a part of your daily/weekly routine?

do you still practice?

i wasn't really into sports when gowing up, so the only practice i had to do was play piano. i wasn't in the band, so i didn't have to attend band practice. i actually hated practicing, and was glad that i didn't have to practice once i went to university...who needs piano when you've got beer? that was ten years ago.

there is a piano in my home. i am looking forward to practicing again.

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When I was age 7-14, I swam competitively for a small team in Nova Scotia. In my earlier years this was limited to maybe 2 or 3 after school practices and 1 weekend, but as I got older, I was practicing maybe 8 times a week, with my new stepdad getting up at the crack of dawn on weekdays to drive me to practice.

I remember coming home from practice in the winters and my mum having a really hot meal ready for me, and the woodstove would be on, and that's probably one of my favorite childhood memories. I also smelled like chlorine constantly, so whenever I am near a swimming pool now I feel like I am a kid again.


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when i was about 8 years old, i was told that i had to learn piano, which of course, i thought was a great idea because hey, maybe i can be a pianist one day...so my parents took me to the royal conservatory of music. After my first class, I came home with a big honking accordian!!!!! apparently, it was mandatory to take accordian before piano, which i dont believe for a second. im sure my parents at the time were conned into thinking that this was the case. sooo, in the end, i learned the accordian, lasted a semester, went on to private lessons and it never actually really panned out! oh well...


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I played soccer from grade 3 to 6 and volleyball from grades 3 to 8. I think we practiced volleyball daily? Can't really remember. I lived across the street from the school so it wasn't a big deal. I also practiced long jump and sprinting on my own daily in preparation for track.
I was in the recorder club from grades 4 to 6, I practiced a few times a week. There were only four of us in the group and we got to perform at all of the school concerts.
I don't practice anything now. :(


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music music music.

played a bit of high school basketball but mostly it was music.

Played flute, double bass, and sang in the choir at my high school which had an intense music program so I had rehearsals every day before school at 7:30 am and after school to at least 6pm then various youth orchestras/bands/ensembles on the weekend. Then practicing many hours a day with whatever punk/funk/alternative band I had plus somehow finding time to practice for private lessons and competitions etc.

now I sooooooooo lazy.
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baseball, basketball, swimming, math (seriously), and my once-dreaded, but now most missed ... piano

Mrs. Pink

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hockey, baseball.

I was on the ice most of my childhood. When i started playing JR. i had no real life outside of it, i was with my team constantly, we were on the ice every day we didn't have a game, and we partied together constantly.


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What are we talking about? Practice? We're talking about practice, man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice. We ain't talking about the game. We talking 'bout PRACTICE. --Allen Iverson
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Figure skating* until I was 15. Holy early morning practices (plus afterschool sessions) = m/w/f + [saturday was precision skating practice day, and 1/nightpractice/week)]. *Like hockey, skaters live at the arena.

Swim team, practiced everyday in the summer (like Skipper, from 7 to 14).

Basketball was practiced daily, with Tuesday night mixed scrimages throughout my teens - I was serious about basketball.

Fieldhockey, what a great sport. But, my dad coached my sister's team, so initially, too much game talk at home deterred me from joining. Plus, my love for basketball got in the way, but I played fh for 2 years, and LOVED it.

Piano, still sitting at home, but I never practiced because I'd rather listen to my sister play sonatas. I played the trumpet in a saturday music school for a couple of years + at school, until the end of grade 9.

Do I still practice any of these? No, but I still work out and I'd love to find a good weekly pick-up basketball league.
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ugh. TOO many things required practice.

Choir, orchestra for 10 years in Saskatoon on SATURDAYS (we drove up Friday nights and drove back to Moose Jaw Saturday evening), Drama in high school, basketball, Soccer for 10 years, I had to practice my violin every day( which required waking up at 6:30 to do so). I also had to practice singing and piano.

I still have to practice singing every day.


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community football(8-16) 3 times a week tue,thur,sat-games sunday
baseball(6-12) 2 times a week
lacrosse(12-17) 3 times a week
highschool football 5 days a week, Friday night or Saturday games
rugby 3 times a week mon,wed,fri Satuday games

ugh I used to do alot of shit, not wonder I'm fat and out of shape now. Hopefully ultimate will help change this.


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hmm lets see here.

I played hockey 6 days a week, 11 months of the year for close to 14 years. I would guess that I practiced at least 2-3 times a week, usually at 6am, then we would go to school and practice again at 6pm.

As well I also joined a soccer league. This sport was much easier as I did not see myself making pro. We would have 2 games a week with 1 practice.

Now I call going to the driving range practice for my golf game.
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Growing up I had practice for swimming, track & field, Tae Kwon Do, and once highschool came around rugby.

Swimming when I was younger, and it was twice a week after school and once on weekends... it was great because I started early and had my bronze cross as soon as possible, which set me up for some lifeguard gigs.

Track & field was seasonal, and it was just elementry school garbage so it was like half an hour twice a week after school... nothing serious.

Tae Kwon Do was 4 nights during the schoolweek and once on the weekends... it was brutal, I constantly hurt, my master was a masochist, and it was the best exerience ever.

Rugby was 5 nights a week (4 nights a week with my school, and 3 nights a week with one of my club teams... meaning that on Tuesday through Thursdays I had practices with 2-3 different teams depending on the timing). Definitely an experience that shaped who I am and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I'm back with a new Rugby club now and practices are 3 times a week starting next week.

Other than sports, I had practice for the piano and guitar at various times, and KUMON.... I was the only white kid in the class and one of the few whose first language was english.... it was dope.


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Moez said:
ugh. TOO many things required practice.
...I still have to practice singing every day.

I listened to the 9th the other day, 'cause of you. I think your music practicing is very cool.

Prickly Pete

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Baseball - Played from 4 till I was 22 (Batting cages and infield and bullpen)
Golf - Played from 10 to today (going to the putting green and range)
Soccer - Highschool years (I sucked so I took every oppurtunity to go to any practice)


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Swimming from as far back as I can remember, to about age 14. I had to quit the city's competitive team, LAC (London Aquatic Club), because my parents could no longer afford it. But just before I quit, I had early morning practice before school twice a week, after-school practice twice a week, and one 4 hour saturday practice. From then on I was only on my high school swim team and I pursued my lifeguarding certification... which meant I was "practicing" swimming about 10 hours a week.

Piano lessons, took up when I quit swimming (guess it was cheaper). I enjoyed playing, so I never called it practicing. I would play about an hour or so each night.

Cheerleading... started this when I was in grade 10. We had practice 6 times a week; monday morning, tuesday weight training, wednesday night, thursday morning, friday morning and sunday night (the most brutal of practices). When competitions were coming up, we'd increase the length of our practices.

Various other shit that I tended to skip practice for: track and field, cross country and the school's "fashion show" (I'm not joking, they had practices... lots of them).

Oh yeah, and my mom made me play soccer in the summer for a number of years, but I absolutely hated that!!! So much so that my mind has been trying to forget it ever since... I barely remember how much practice we had.
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baseball for about 11 yrs (ending in a blown rotator cuff and scholarship)
chinese school (they should have just held the piano lessons in the next room [and violin lessons in the next next room])
ju jitsu (which actually helped a lot with snowboarding since you spent half the class learning how to fall properly)
a variety of cadet related activities
cycling (team rides, etc)
fencing (which was more conditioning than actual training as we got whipped and swatted by the russian coach)


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-Hockey from about age 6 until 18, then played pickup off and on with work teams every now and then

-Soccer from about age 8 to 16

-one season of league football, but used to play pickup with friends, and was pretty decent at it.

-Basketball from 12 to 19. I grew another 3 inches since I've stopped playing. Go figure.

-Mountain biking was more of a hobby as I never rode competitively.

I would like to get back into soccer and hockey again as I kind of miss those.


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Table Tennis... (OH YEAH)
Chess... (OH YEAH)

Recently I've been thinking about joining an indoor soccer league...

Big Cheese

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in this order

soccer --> 5 to 15 years old
football --> 15 to 19
drill (military precision marching) --> 12 to 19
rifle (team and coaching) --> 12 to 19
band (marching band/drums - single snare/double snare/bass) --> 14 to 22


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Volleyball, choir, swimming, band, softball, drawing and track (relay, running long jump and long distance).

All of this promtly stopped when I discovered boys and smoking.

So sad.
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