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Going to Montréal this week-end


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Hey guys/girls... my friends are taking me to Montréal this week-end to make sure I am having a good time and forget about a loser. (I am starting to, anyways)

I just wanted to get some suggestions on what clubs I should go to (I will want to go out on either Friday or Saturday night). I like tech-house, progressive... funky house. If you have places to recommend, please let me know, I would REALLY appreciate it.

If you have web sites, or the address of the club, I would really want that, so I know where I am going. :)

Thanks! :)
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Originally posted by stir-fry
go see a habs game.. the tickets are way cheaper than leafs games in toronto.

habs are the lowest seed, therefore, will be on the road in Carolina over the weekend


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I don't think they sell any hockey tics anymore for the play-offs, are they? :)

Thanks for the links... any more info?


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Although there is nothing remotely housey about the guy, I would STRONGLY suggest you hit up none other than DAVE CLARKE at arguably the Sweetest club in Montreal: ARIA

He'll be there this friday. I guarantee you wont soon forget his set!!! I've seen him twice and am dying to see him again (this Saturday... WOOHOO!)

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Hi i'm God

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Originally posted by MC Bias

yes, to go see MC Mario spin on...ahem...*wheels of steel*

LOL [Carl]Shuuuuuuut up![/Carl]

I must say I went there one night before I knew what a dj really was and they had this greek party thing going on. It was greek folk/dance music. holy shit the most beautiful drunk women I have ever scene!


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Yeah... I just realised the abuse and the pain I was put through and my friends are making sure I don't have any time to think about him. :)

ARIA... hmm, I have heard of that place from an old friend of mine.
Do you guys have info... where it is, price... or guest list...


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Goto SONA on friday. Best night out in a loooong time! It really has an old Industry vibe goin on. Downstairs is Hip-hop & r&B, upstairs is techno. gotta love variety.

Stereo is nice as well.. the sound is much better but the space didn't have as much energy.

and goto club supersex. Hottest strippers in canada!

Peace & love. D <- just got back from Montreal. :D


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Hey I just got back from Montreal as well!!!!

I had a blast!!!!


That's place kicks ass...

Yes the sound system kicks ass too!!

In all the clubs the sounds systems are better then here...

Lafleche played and of course he always plays a good set..

I heard the most amazing hip hop and raggae downstairs too..you can't have a bad time there...

If ya wanna chill out for a bit..hit Stogies...my cousin chills there and it's a cigar / martini lounge...it's on Crescent street..

If you can't find anything go to Cresent street or Saint Laurant..

but Im sure you will find something..


Jules :cool:
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Originally posted by DJAlchemy
Goto SONA on friday. Best night out in a loooong time! It really has an old Industry vibe goin on. Downstairs is Hip-hop & r&B, upstairs is techno. gotta love variety. :D
Yes .. SONA is sooooo much fun. Saw Deep Dish there last year & it was quite the evening. Just make sure you don't get there too early; last time I went they didn't even open the door well after midnight.

p.s. if you want a funky little cafe on St. Laurent, go check out Shed Cafe. It's perfect for pre-club fun. :D


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Sona, eh?
It's called SONA nightclub... just like that, right?

I am going to do a search in Google, see what kind of info I can find about it.
I like that caffee idea as well... but I miss Industry and I would really love to feel that again. (God, I miss Industry)


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*warning* E cost $35.. I was uh, writing a study comparing the similarites of the Toronto & Montreal Scene. :D

Peace & love. D


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I don't dose though... I have been clean for almost a year now and I don't plan on going back.

I drink a lot though. :)

Are the drinks the same price?


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good for you. :)

drinks are the same price. But I would recommend pre-drinking till elsewhere till about 1-2am. Its a helluva lot cheaper and the party doesn't really get goin till that time anyway.

also, if you get the chance go for a drive around town. The city isn't as flat as Toronto and some places offer a great view!

Peace & love. D
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Bah, I'm a Sona hater (or rather someone who longs for the old Sona days in the late 90s).

If you're doing the club thing, again, hit up Aria on friday and Stereo on saturday.

Their addresses are St. Denis & Ste. Catherines, and Ste. Catherines at Metro Berri respectively. Stereo is in the heart of the gay village, and Aria is on its outskirts.

The Stereo saturday night crowd is truly unlike *anything* you've ever seen in a club, ever. The most diverse people, super cool, but zero attitude. Put this way, my top 10 clubbing experiences probably include 7 or 8 from Stereo on saturday. It's friday night is really crappy relatively speaking, but of course the sound is still among the best in the world.

Don't hit Rue Crescent either, unless you enjoy being molested by drunken Americans. Women are not treated with respect there...and its just a tourist trap anyway. You'll find much chiller people on St. Denis, between Jean Talon and down almost as far as Rene Levesque. St. Laurent and the Plateau (generally the area northeast of McGill) is nice, but more expensive. Then once you get to know the city a bit more, you've gotta hit up Miles End and Cotes-des-neiges.

Climb the mountain and enjoy the view - its *really* nice at sunset. And they might even have TamTam going on sunday at Parc Mont Royale if its warm next weekend.

Have fun! :)

orange richie

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Haven't been to Aria yet, but I hear good things about it on Fridays. However, I've been to Sona a few times and it's a really, really good party. I love the way the place is laid out and there is a nice mix of people from what I've seen anyways. I have to agree that the vibe reminds me of Industry also. Stereo is the place to go for Saturday night from what I hear and experienced but it is strictly 'after hours'. Montreal is just what the doc ordered, you'll have fun...

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
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