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Going to Costa Rica.


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I've decided.
I'm going. Alone. (Unless someone wants to come with).

Has anyone been?
I'm looking to do a 7 day eco-tour. I've found some stuff with ALBA Tours, but it's expensive.

Any suggestions? Tours you've done and want to recommend?

I'm prolly gonna go at the beginning of June.

PM me, if you have some interesting stuff for me. Please. :)



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fack you.. I would love to go!
I am so jealous i've wanted to go for so long.

how much was the plane ticket?
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congrats ming Costa Rica is one place still on my list to visit, either that or Amsterdam next year.... Go alone, I went to CUBA 2 years ago alone and had a great time, there's nothing holding you back except yourself... it really teaches you to take educated chances....

Good luck and make sure you have pic's cause I'd love to see them.



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I think you should do your own tour, my dad went last year, and my married friends have been twice. I will try and find out where they stayed, but im sure it was cheaper then that, plus you can go out on your own and explore. mmmm blue Morpho butter flies, and hot sping hot tubs in the mountain forests. the scuba diving is shite from hwat they said, but the insect life is wikked.
they also rented 125 motocross bikes to get around, they said that was a really good way to go.
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my parents always book last minture. about 3 weeks prior to the trip, and the usually get the package for %40 cheaper.

Par- T

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Been twice.
loved it both times.
Horseback riding through the rainforest totally ruled!
What do you want to know?


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i was considering going to Costa Rica this spring but decided not to after a two friends backed out because they're po'. and i didn't just want to go with my roommate because he gets a little lazy on vacation.

i need friends that have extra spending cash.

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I've been to Costa Rica a couple of times...by myself, and then with a group of people the second time.

It all depends on what you want to do there. If you want serious 'ecotourism', I don't suggest going with any of the companies that offer 'tours'. I did two and a bit months for about....lessee.....$1200 or $1300, including the airfare. If you really want to know specific places/people, I can give you some names, etc. I know CR pretty well. It's one of the best places you'll ever travel to...clean drinking water, no real malaria threat (BTW, DON'T ever take the malaria pills, the chloroquine based ones...), relative safety, really cheap, wicked surf/beaches, awesome mountains, three types of rainforest, all beautiful....I could keep going. I'm in love with the place. You'll have a great time!


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i still want to go there. i would suggest staying for longer than 7 days though. from what i heard the flight is almost your whole expense. you can live for next to nothing there. why not spend a month there. shouldn't cost more than 3 grand at most.

you never know, i could join you

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