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Going Postal


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found on pulse24.com

"It’s the kind of mistake that makes cop grit their teeth and use language you won’t hear on “Law & Order”.

It started March 12th, when Albert Dupont’s son ordered a Remington Super Mag Combo 12 gauge shotgun and a Ruger Deluxe 22 rifle, along with ammunition, via mail order from a sporting goods store in Alberta.

The outlet sent the weapons to the Oshawa hunter in their original containers and wrapped them in brown paper, then shipped them in one big package using Canada Post.

Dupont’s offspring, who has a permit, waited, and waited.

But when the items he ordered still hadn’t arrived by March 25th, he finally called the post office to find out what happened to them.

What he heard stunned him.

The mail spokespeople informed him they’d left the entire package on the doorstep of his Overbank Drive home eight days before. But it wasn’t there when he got home.

Dupont called police, who quickly realized someone saw the box sitting on the front stoop, went up to look at it, then took off with it.

The package was left on the porch despite the fact the law requires those kinds of items to be signed for.

"It's terrible. It's terrible,” the father relates. “And from what I've heard it's not the first time that that's happened. But they're rifles. I mean it's a shotgun and a rifle, so you have to sign for it. That's my understanding.”

Cops don’t think the thief was aware of what was inside, since there was nothing to indicate it contained a small arsenal.

But they want to find them before the crook sells them or they turn up on the streets for use in an armed robbery or a murder.

“I just want to get the guns back,” sighs Detective Constable Steve Rhoden of Durham Regional Police. “That's our concern. If somebody knows anything about these guns, give us a call.”

Isn’t selling guns through the mail illegal? Turns out, it’s not.

“You need to possess the requisite PAL, the position and acquisition license in order to get one, but once you provide the shipper with it, they'll send you one in the mail,” the detective explains.

Neighbours are incensed that the weapons are loose somewhere in their area. “I think it's crazy,” complains Susan Davidson. “It's insane.”

“Why wasn't it signed for?” demands Rhona Whalley. “And if it couldn't have been signed for, why wasn't it returned?”

Cops are asking anyone who may have been around the Oshawa street on March 17th or may have heard about anyone suddenly acquiring the guns to call them at (905)-579-1520, ext. 2737 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477"


I'll bet the postman kept the package himself for the next time he's past up for a promotion! :p
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LOL. As if a package sitting on the front porch in Oshawa wouldn't be stolen. That postman should be suspended for 1 month with pay. That would teach him a lesson.
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