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going out in montreal where?


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i am up here in our french counterpart wondering where to go and what to do. i have heard mixed reviews about sono and aria. the locals have told me that aria does not open till 2:00 am is this correct?
Moreover i have also heard that Sona selects you from the line up is this also so true. all i want to do is listen to some good techno and trance where do i go? also whats the deal with Dave clark tonight
hmm perhaps eveing at supersex is in order

Da grunj

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Sona's and Aria's main rooms both play techno on Fridays and Hip-Hop in the second rooms. Stereo\.........your from Waterloo???????????? it will probably be dead tonight and slightly gay tommorow. If your still in Montreal on Sunday..BE @ STEREO! Mark Farina!!!!!!1

People go to bars b4 going to these AFTER HOURS you are speaking of. Find a bar, drink some drinks, get slightly hammered, head off to the afterhours all bubbly and shit.

Sona's doors open at 11 pm and there is free alcohol until 12:30 in the Bar....yes FREE! The main room opens at 3am and will close around 9am. The Bar is totally dead til about 1am! Fridayz have a wicked vibe. Don't worry about getting in at Sona specially on Fridayz...I PROMISE! Its only when they get really busy on Saturdayz that you MAY have a problem. If you are a female or have one with you there is NO problem.

Aria's doors open @ ......fuck I don't know actually?! But don't bother showing up til at least 2am. Dave Clarke will probably go on around 4am and spin til 7am. HE WILL KICK YOUR ASS! Aria is like Guvernment. Sound is incredible and the lights are even better. Only problem I see with the place is the lack of VIBE.....well actually, it should'nt be a problem tonight because anyone who likes techno in Montreal will be at Aria because DAVE CLARKE is there! HE IS A TECHNO GOD! And montreal loves their techno~!

If I am going tonight, which I just might be, I would be going to Aria and trying to get there around 2:30am - 3:00am

have fun,