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Going Houseboating!!!

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Go get some crappy golf balls, and drive them off the boat...

Drink, golf, fish, cards, boardgames!


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Depends on where you're going to be, but a fishing licence would probably be a good idea. It's not a huge deal but even the small fine + lugging all the equipment for nothing (if you got caught) would suck :(

Golf!!!! I used to love hitting golf balls into the lake/working on my swing on top of my buddy's boat

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the_fornicator said:
do you need a fishing license?
fishing license is MANDATORY if you plan on catching fishies.
the cops have the power to sieze the boat and all personal belongings on said boat.


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When I was growing up me and my family used to live on our boat for up to a month at a time for about 7 years.
It was a fairly large boat, it wasn't a houseboat, but it had your typical bedroom & cutty, gally and bathroom.
Anyways, even though it's going to be hot during the day bring trackpants/warm socks/heavy sweater/running shoes/mittens. You would be absolutely shocked how cold it can get on the water in the evening and at night.