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Going back in time...


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Let's say you had a chance to go back to any moment within the history of recordable media..

When would you travel to, and more importantly, what one piece of vinyl would you bring to show & represent the future of music.

oh.. and why?


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that's a little wide open...

this probably ain't what you were goin for, but as far as music, Bob Marley and Springsteen once shared the same bill at Max's Kansas City in 1973 in New York when both were relatively unkown...would love to have a bootleg of that night.


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I'd be the guy who caught the Nixon's goons burglaring the Democrat office @ The Watergate.

As I phoned the cops, 'Bring in the Clowns' would play gently in the background.



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Charles Manson trial.

With "Eminem - My Name Is" playing on my portable boombox.

(Disclaimer: If that didn't make any sort of sense, please forgive me. I'm bored and my brain tastes like pudding)
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Within the history of recordable human media:

I would take part in tearing down the berlin wall, and I would soak up the unbelieveble energy all around me. The soundtrack to this would be Albion - Air (palefield mountain remix), or some other inspiring, joyous, energetic track.


I would witness the creation of the universe. It would be just me, and my soulmate (who I have not yet met), having a romantic, intimate experience just watching the incredible view. Of course, we would need a different perception of time, like one present earth second being equivalent to a half million years. The music playing would be the most beautiful, deep sounds to ever reach an ear. It's like how a certain sight makes you feel a particular way, and a sound can do the same. The sound to be heard during this experience has to be just as awe-inspiring as the view.

I like this thread :)



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it's all about robert johnson 78s and finding out if he really did deal with the devil at the crossroads...


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i'd climb into the machine backwards and go into the future instead.

with me i would bring a fresh prince and dj jazzy jeff rekkid.



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Hmm.. unusual answers... I was thinking more of tunes along only the electronic form. But whatever, it all works.. keep em coming.
Meet Ghenghis Khan, dump off a boombox and a ton of Enya and new age shit. That would've made him a happier camper and nicer to play with.

From the Ministry of either that or leave him a shitload of sabbath and heavy metal

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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I would take a good disco 12 like 'Ring My Bell' back to the Neanderthal era and create the ultimate retro time paradox

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i would take a linkin park cd and play it for Bach so he would get all depressed about the future of music.

"and they call themselves musicians?!"-J.S. Bach


Quantumdj, are you sure you've never done drugs?

I'd play Underworld's Juanita over the PA after the Beatles played their first gig at the Cavern.


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this thread reminds me of one of my fav SNL skits where abraham lincoln makes a time machine and goes back in time to try and kill john wilkes booth, who then goes crazy and assassinates lincoln cause he looks like the creepy guy in the hat who tried to kill him all through his childhood.
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i'd play marco carola's 'open system' to 60's italian pop icon lucio battisti.
he'd freak the fuck out!
2 of my all time fave artists sharing a magical moment via the beats.

glych t.anomaly

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if the chance should ever arise...

Daft Punk - live PA - noumatrouff mulhouse 1997

and the record i would bring with me, is there " discovery " album to show them how they went very wrong, and should have kept playing the sickest live PA techno[ tied with jochem ] evar

thus altering the history of techno, and orchestrating one of the finest dou's course in history so they will forever be remembered for there superb mutha fucking production.

techno production that is ;)


Sunshyne Jones

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i'd go to see the beatles in a small liverpool local before all the screaming girls took notice of 'em.

i don't know what i'd play for them tho ...


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I'd go back to highschool and do it all over again.. not much differently, but just knowing what I know now.. and since i'd already be super smart (by highschool standards) i'd have even more time for socializing :D
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Dirty Girl

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I'd only go back and change my life, I have a list the size of canada of things I would change.

or I'd go stop river phoenix from dying, I always liked him, so sad he died, always wondered where he'd be now!!

but thats not music.


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Originally posted by Dirty Girl
or I'd go stop river phoenix from dying, I always liked him, so sad he died, always wondered where he'd be now!!

Probably dead of a drug overdose or in jail.....

Or possibly married to Denise Richards.


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I'd go back to when Hanson kids were born, and play them mmmmmmmmmmmmmbop, and play it over and over again, so they would have never made that song, after they realized how crappy it was.


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I'd go back to when they were nailing Jesus up, and I'd play Nazareth - Love Hurts for 3 days. The Elton John - The Bitch is Back when he resurrected.
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