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Not much to say.. But here continues spoilers.

Did they not imply they set off a 40 kiloton nuke just off the coast? It had about 5 minutes left on it. Should have wiped out san francisco. But instead a hungover Godzilla gets up and trots on out in the morning into the sea to fanfare. Like he's the 5th element.

Something went wrong at the end. they could have made it a large part better if they had him containing the nuke, eating it to regain strength, prove the original assumption that nukes can't defeat them, and sleep another 500 years. Then you can set up a proper sequel, not knowing what his overall intentions were. Now they're stuck with the nice guy Godzilla. You're fucked. You need Godzilla Vs Space Aliens now for the next one.

Why the fuck did they get the dad from Malcom in the middle to play the crazy dad.

It's totally worth it because it's almost believable, and fuck it pay just to see it in 3D Ultra AVX It's just worth the price of admission.


IMDB said:
1. How come it took Joe, or anyone else for that matter, 15 years to figure out that there is no radiation in the entire quarantine zone?

2. How come the floppy disks wasn't damaged by decay, humidity or impacts?

3. Why is it, that the first time Joe is caught trespassing he is taken to the police station, but the second time he trespasses, they decide to take him and his son straight to the center of a highly classified military installation, with a clear view of a secret project?

4. How come the secret project is surrounded by hundreds of scientists, but Joe is the only one who is able to figure out that the entity is emitting EMP?

5. Why is Joe being interrogated in a janitors closet, with a one-way mirror?

6. Who decided that electricity would be the best way to kill an unknown entity that has absorbed high levels of radiation for 15 years, while employees are standing less than 10 feet away?

7. How come the facility has thousands of ways to read and analyze the entity, but still decides that a close up flashlight inspection is the best way to determine if the entity is destroyed or not?

8. How can the American military claim jurisdiction in a Japanese quarantine zone?

9. Why isn't the Japanese government or military involved in this incident at any point?

10. How come the Japanese head-scientist condemns Joe to his death, by forcing him into a military chopper instead of an ambulance, when he's clearly in no condition to help anyone?

11. How can the USS Saratoga respond to a crisis in Japan within 12 hours? And why is the US Navy obligated or even allowed to operate within Japanese borders?

12. Why is it that Elles cellphone is on silent, when she's expecting news about her potentially deceased/missing husband?

13. Why are the special forces using both flashlights and night vision goggles?

14. How can the special forces locate the Akula with GPS, when the radars, sonars and radios can't be used to track the MUTO because of the EMP?

15. Why does the military engage the MUTO with airplanes and choppers when they know they will be eliminated by the entities EMP? (Also, how low can you go? Limbo plane! Flying low much?)

16. When did the hydraulics in the ejections-seats get exchanged with electrical ones?

17. Why did the Blackhawk decide to engage the MUTO on collision course, within 300 meters, when the mini-gun has a firing range of up to 1000 meters?

18. How could the little boy literally just turn around and find his parents within 20 seconds of arrival, in the aftermath of a demolished city?

19. How did the MUTO just magically disappear after the fight with Godzilla?

20. If the female MUTO is highly radioactive, how come it doesn't contaminate everything in its wake?

21. With hundreds of soldiers in and outside of the nuclear waste disposal facility, vehicles doing patrols, and choppers doing sweeps around the area, how did no one see or hear the female MUTO break out of containment?

22. Why did the soldiers take off their ABC suits while standing on top of a pile of radioactive waste?

23. Binoculars? Really?

24. Why did the Admiral ask for the supervision of the lead scientists, when he completely ignores them at every turn?

25. How can an Army Lieutenant jump from branch to branch, and switch between divisions and companies as it pleases him?

26. How come the entire military only has one educated bomb disposal expert?

27. Why is it that no one understands that if a simple flashlight is working, there is no EMP?

28. Why is Ford pointing his flashlight into the MUTO's eyes when they're trying to hide from it on the train-tracks?

29. How come the military don't have any protocols for when and how to operate cannons, missiles and gunfire with friendlies within proximity?

30. Why do they keep shooting the monsters with firearms when an M1A2 Abrams is unable to do any sort of damage?

31. How come the bus driver isn't killed by the authorities when he chooses to ram the police and soldiers on the bridge?

32. When the military knew that the three monsters would converge on San Fransico, why on earth would they stockpile every single military unit that could be effectively taken out by EMP within proximity of the EMP attacks?

33. Why does Ford assume that the head of FEMA knows where his wife is, when it's clear he has a lot of other things to worry about?

34. Why is an Army EOD Lieutenant trained to make HALO jumps?

35. How come the paratroopers are able to make the HALO jump without pressure suits and proper clothing protecting their skin?

36. How did the soldiers locate the warhead in the MUTO's den with an electrical device?

37. How is it that 5 guys are able to carry a nuclear warhead out of crater and a completely demolished city?

38. How did the MUTO know that Ford was responsible for killing her children?

39. If Godzilla is a predator that hunts MUTO's, why didn't he eat any of them?

40. How did the military know that the EMP threat was neutralized without any means of communication?

41. Why was there absolutely no consequences from detonating the biggest nuclear bomb in the history of mankind?
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Why people are judging a Godzilla movie by any other standard than the cadre of kaiju movies that preceded it. It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to be fun and if you're getting caught up in the little details then maybe you're cheating yourself!


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Honestly, I feel kind of sorry for the person who posted that list. I can just imagine that person watching the movie in theatre (if they even did that and didnt download some shit camcorder rip) and taking notes on every single last inconsistency. It's a shame that person can't enjoy movies that are meant to entertain you without scoffing at every conceivable plot hole imaginable.

How I watched Godzilla? Didn't keep a list going. Saw it in IMAX 3D, totally digged the utter badassery that was seeing a 350 foot tall / 700 foot long Godzilla look insanely great on screen in some of the best CGI seen in years, the coolest and most impressive godzilla (or "kaiju") ever commited to screen. And the movie being hugely entertaining and fun, and had decent acting and story for a movie of this kind.

It's a fucking GODZILLA movie, you need to suspend disbelief just oh A BIT. This is not like some bio-pic of Julian Assange where someone can make a list of things "Hollywood" changes from the original FACTUAL real-world account and heaven forbid one thing doesn't make total sense.

There are some movies when things get so stupid with intelligence-crushingly implausible moments nonstop and it makes the movie just BAD (Iron Man 3 was like that), but THIS, Godzilla, wasn't like that. I didn't sit there stewing over the army guys parachuting in not 100% perfect army gear, I think I was too busy enjoying the movie and thinking some scenes with Godzilla and the two other monsters was too damned awesome to care.
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Honestly, I feel kind of sorry for the person who posted that list. I can just imagine that person watching the movie in theatre (if they even did that and didnt download some shit camcorder rip) and taking notes on every single last inconsistency. It's a shame that person can't enjoy movies that are meant to entertain you without scoffing at every conceivable plot hole imaginable.

Actually this is a common affliction, and I can only imagine the psychological root is that our entertainment choices have become like the clothes we wear and the way we style our hair: a statement of self-identity. So for some people, the danger of being seen to like a "stinker" puts them into Critical Crazy Mode.

I have one friend I almost can't watch movies with:

"Oh look at that acting - its HORRIBLE"
"That is a STUPID MOVIE"

And it just seems like they can't sit back and fuckin just be ENTERTAINED

Everything has to match up to some impossibly high standard.

Now I might be saying this as someone who has gone the other direction, I'm a very charitable viewer and will enjoy B-fare. Its the rare movie i stop watching. Maybe I'm the outlier!

But being where I am it makes these Movie Nazis even more difficult to bear. This guy forced me to stop "Don Jon", which was just fine in my books!
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I always think back to the South Park episode from a few years ago, the "Tweenwave" episode where Stan has his birthday, realizes he is getting older and suddenly finds everything, particularly music and movies - really shitty. Everything is shit. And the other 3 guys stop being friends with them because every movie he goes to is "shitty" and he criticizes it non-stop. It actually was one of the best episodes in the last 5 years because it so perfectly captured getting older and being "entertained" was more of a struggle against pessimism and skeptisism.

Like, I went to see Amazing Spiderman 2 on Tuesday, and I found it....kind of not so great. And some parts I was really just rolling my eyes and (internally) sighing at because it was just some cheesy and so stupid and so implausible or it dragged on for so long and it made the experience NOT ENTERTAINING. Overall it was OK, mainly cause I love Emma Stone.

Anyways, I just can't help but wonder if the guy who made the list, enjoyed Godzilla at all? Is it possible to enjoy a movie when you are either literally writing out a list during the movie of all the inconsistencies, or worse, making that same list in your head throughout it.

Just seems like a drag to demand such perfectionism and accuracy from a film in technical aspects and to completely show no sympathy for it being a fucking Godzilla movie.


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Its interesting cause with the gf we will make some comments back and forth - she will be more likely to spot an inconsistency, and I find myself answering with plausible reasons for why it happened that way...

Maybe a character seems to do something a bit out of expectations and I'll be imagining why it makes sense.

So maybe that's the difference - some of us "go along with it" and invent reasons to explain why we see what we're seeing and why it makes sense in the film context. Others are critical and looking for cracks, mistakes and problems.

Now there's a spectrum, but Prometheus is a good example. I can recognize that some shit was pretty damned stupid, like a cave-mapper who got lost, an implausible robot surgery scene (note how nothing was done to future-heal the deep cut made to get the alien baby out of her) and a lot of other problems. But that didn't stop me from (mostly) enjoying the ride and being entertained.

I will need to look up that southpark I think I have it but must have skipped over it!


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I will need to look up that southpark I think I have it but must have skipped over it!

You should check it out, it has a nihilism more appropriate to True Detective than SP. It was the last episode of that particular season and the show had not been renewed at that point - which was highly unusual - and a lot of folks, including me, took it as the last final episode of the series. Rather brilliant way to go out. Then Comedy Central drove the big truck full of money up to Trey & Matt and suddenly there was an agreement for a few more seasons. I believe that's when they changed to airing all episodes for a season in a row, rather than breaking it up as they had since the beginning.

Sorry for the OT.

Godzilla was great, and yes, measure it by other such movies for maximum enjoyment.


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Praktik the episode is called "you're getting old" from season 15.

As a longtime SP fan I really think it's one of the 10 best episodes because despite having some funny moments with Randy, it's really more serious, brilliant, clever and honest commentary on how our tastes change as we get older. The sacrificed jokes to make it a pretty philosophical episode.

Definitely worth a download/stream.
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