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God of War - Where to start?


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Hey everyone - I got back into gaming about two years ago. I basically skipped everything between the original NES and the Wii. From there, I graduated onto a PS3 and PC.

I just finished Heavy Rain and was going to cleanse my palate with God of War III...but I'm also looking at the God of War Collection and wondering if I should work my way through from the beginning.

For those who have played all three games, would you recommend starting with GoW I, or skipping straight to GoW III? Either way, what would the pros and cons be?



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I haven't owned a PS product until I got a PSP and PS3, so I didn't get the chance to play any of the GOW games until they cam out with the collection edition, and I must say yes play through all of them to get the full experience. All the games start off where the last game ended, so you would be missing some of the story if you didn't play through the whole franchise. All of them have a great story and awesome game play.


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I was in the same boat, and agree with MOD ONE, get the collection.

It's 2 pretty awesome games for cheap, and sets up GOW 3 for you.
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