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God Damnit!!

Syntax Error

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i would laugh if it was funny. it's kinda funny that you have to go out and collect you're garbage cans in the freezing cold, but not funny enough for me to laugh at.

if you had cancer or something then i would laugh.


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it was so cold the other day that I was really stiff and wasn't looking when I backed out of my driveway that I hit my garbage can and cracked it all down the side and made the garbage fall out :confused: then i was even colder when i got out and had to pick it all up.

SUCH A chick thing to do :p

The Tesseract

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Yeah... 3 years ago i was pissed off for some reason or another, so i kicked the recycling box. It shattered in front of me.

Syntax - i can't even go out and get it. IT'S GONE!